How To Remove Rain X

Rain X is a silicone-based commercial glass treatment product, which repels moisture and stains from car windshields and windows. If you need to replace or remove Rain X from your own car, you need to take special steps to detach it from the glass.

Here are the steps for removing Rain X.

  • Wipe with glass with a moist cloth. This will remove dirt, dust and other particles that can inadvertently scratch up the glass surface while you are removing Rain X.
  • Scrub the Rain X with a light abrasive cleaner. Common cleaners such as soap, detergent and water won’t be enough to counteract the effective silicon bond formed between the Rain X and the glass. Select either Rain X glass Polish or Soft Scrub cleanser. Confirm that the product you use has a label that says the product will not scratch glass surfaces. Soak a clean non-abrasive rag, eliminate excess moisture then apply a small quantity of cleanser on the cloth. Avoid applying the cleaner directly on the glass, as the residue can dry up into an unsightly stain.
  • Begin at the top left corner of the glass then work your way to the bottom right corner. Make sure you clean up all parts of the glass. You may test if the cleanser won’t scratch the glass by rubbing only a small portion at the corner of your windshield. Determine the minimum pressure to apply to remove the Rain X without harming the glass. Don’t hesitate to re-moisten your cloth and apply more cleaner when necessary.
  • Wash the cleanser off with cold water. Eliminate all traces of suds, cleanser and Rain X residue. Wipe off the water with a thick, dry cloth.
  • Consider using a 0000 wire wool to scrub the Rain X out. This grade of wool is mildly abrasive enough to remove the chemical from the glass without scratching up the surface itself. Avoid using anything greater than 0000 as this will lead to permanent marks on your windshield over time. Alternate using a wet rag with the wire wool to clean up all the Rain X particles. Work the wool in a circular manner and proceed in a pattern that covers all the glass. Rinse the glass with cold water then spot any remaining Rain X. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Do not also forcefully apply the wire wool on the surface as this will eventually affect the glass itself. If you cannot find a 0000 wire wool in your local store, find an equivalent grade or simply purchase several items online.
  • Consider letting Rain X wear out by itself. Rain X will eventually fade in the passage of time, but may create an unsightly pattern on your windshield. If you don’t mind a slight discoloration on your car glass over a period of time, then you can let weathering remove Rain X for you.

Make sure to properly apply Rain X according to the instructions printed on the bottle so that it adequately repels rain for months. Don’t hesitate to remove Rain X from your windshield if it obscures your vision while you drive.


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