How To Remove Scratches from Plastic Eyeglasses

Plastic eyeglasses can be cheaper but they are also prone to scratches. You cannot avoid getting scratches on your eyeglasses, especially if you use them all the time. The scratches on the plastic lenses can change the way you look at things or it can distract you when you are using your eyeglasses. You can easily remove the light scratches on your plastic eyeglasses with a few simple tips. Find out how to do this by reading the steps that are listed here.

  • Clean your plastic eyeglasses. The first step is to clean your plastic eyeglasses. To do this, rinse the lenses with mild soap and hot water. Be careful when you do this. As much as possible, do not let the frames of your eyeglasses get wet. Cleaning the plastic eyeglasses will remove the dirt and dust so that you can see the scratches that you need to remove well.
  • Cleaning solution. You can use several methods for removing the scratch off the lenses of your plastic eyeglasses. One of the things that you can use is a DVD cleaner. Spray a small amount of the DVD cleaner solution on the lens where there is a scratch. Wipe the lens with the cloth provided with the cleaning kit. You can also use your eyeglass cleaner cloth for this. The scratch should disappear.

    Another trick is to use furniture polishing agent. Place a small amount of the furniture polish on the lens. Rub the solution on the lens using a circular motion and allow it to set for a few minutes. Afterwards, use your eyeglass cloth to wipe off the excess polishing solution off. Inspect your plastic eyeglasses to see if you have eliminated all the scratches.

    For deeper scratches, you can use metal polish on your plastic lenses. You can purchase this from the hardware store if you do not have one at home. Apply a small amount of metal polish on the scratched area. Work it on the lens with a clean non-abrasive cloth. It may take a while to remove the scratch but it will work. Wipe off the remaining metal polish and see if the scratch has disappeared.

  • Have them replaced. In some cases, the scratches on the plastic lenses will not be completely removed. If this is the case for you, you may want to bring your plastic eyeglasses to the optometrist to have the lenses replaced. It is best to get new lenses for your eyeglasses rather than use them and be bothered by the scratches. You may need to pay for the new lenses but it is still cheaper than purchasing new eyeglasses.

These are the tips that you can use to remove the scratches from your plastic eyeglasses. To prevent having scratches on your plastic eyeglasses, make it a point to place them in a case when not in use. Also, make sure that you use cloth made for cleaning glass or plastic lenses instead of using just regular cloth that can damage and add scratches to the lenses.


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