How To Remove Scuff Marks from Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is common in American homes, especially in the kitchen. This is because this type of floor tile is easy to clean and maintain. However, you may encounter some problems with having scuff marks on the vinyl tiles and vinyl flooring. The scuff marks can be caused by friction from rubber shoes and when moving appliances or equipment on the vinyl flooring. You do not need to replace the vinyl floor tiles immediately when you see scuff marks. You can try to remove the scuff marks first by using some materials that you may already have at home. Follow these useful tips.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for removing the scuff marks are a clean cloth or rag, WD-40, rubber eraser, baking soda and vinyl floor polish. If you do not have some of the items, you can purchase them from the hardware store. You also need a sponge and a bucket of water for cleaning.
  • Clean the floor. Clean the vinyl floor first before you start to remove the scuff marks. You can sweep the floor or use a mop to clean the vinyl flooring. This will get rid of the dirt and dust on the surface. Another option is to use a sponge and the bucket of water to clean certain areas where there are scuff marks.
  • Eraser. For light scuff marks, your standard rubber eraser will usually work. Just use the eraser on the scuff mark and it should be erased easily. Clean out the rubber pieces that rub off from the eraser.
  • Baking soda. Another option that you have is baking soda. Mix some baking soda with a bit of water to form a pasty substance. Apply the paste on the scuff marks on your vinyl flooring. Use your fingers to spread the paste and work it on the scuff mark in a circular motion. You can use a sponge or an old toothbrush to brush the paste and remove the scuff mark. After a bit of brushing, the scuff marks should come right off. Wipe off the paste from the vinyl floor tile using a sponge or a soft rag.
  • WD-40. For tougher to remove scuff marks, you can use WD-40 to remove them. Spray a bit of WD-40 on the scuff marks. Work it on the mark using a soft cloth in a circular motion. The grease of the solution will help in removing the stain. You might want to use a rougher cotton cloth or towel to remove the scuff mark more effectively. When the scuff marks have been removed, you can wipe off the grease with sponge and soapy water.
  • Clean the vinyl flooring. After removing the scuff marks, clean the vinyl flooring again and allow it to air dry. Afterwards, use vinyl floor polish and follow the instructions on the packaging on how to use it on your floors. The polish will protect your floor and give it a glossy shine. It can also prevent scuff marks from getting on your vinyl floors.

These are the options that you have to remove scuff marks from your vinyl floors.


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