How To Remove Sellotape

Sellotape is a special adhesive that is used in connecting, fixing and sealing joints of different items. This type of tape can be used for gift wrapping, attaching decorations, sticking paper, sealing envelopes and many more. Sellotape is a strong adhesive and it can leave marks on items when you remove the tape. This can make your mirrors, windows and other surfaces have sticky spots. When you do not remove the sticky substance, it can gather dust and turn gray or even black after a while. You can remove the sticky substance with a few steps. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need include a hair dryer, rubbing alcohol, baby oil, non-abrasive cloth or microfiber cloth and a scraper.
  • Remove the Sellotape. First, remove all the Sellotape from the surface that you are cleaning. Lift one edge of the tape and gently strip it off from the surface. You will notice the sticky substance left on the surface of your item. Make sure that all the Sellotape has been removed from the item before proceeding with the next steps.
  • Heat the sticky residue. Plug in your hair dryer and adjust it to medium heat. Heat the sticky residue left by the Sellotape so that it will be easier to remove. As you are heating, try to remove the sticky residue by using the scraper. If you are working on a fragile item such as glass, you can use your fingers instead so that you won’t damage your item.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol. Wet a corner of the cloth with some rubbing alcohol and rub the sticky part using a circular motion. The alcohol will help loosen up the remaining sticky residue so that it is easier to remove. Wipe the item with a towel to see if you have removed all the residue. If not, proceed with the next step.
  • Use baby oil on remaining residue. If there is still sticky residue after you use the rubbing alcohol, you can use baby oil. Add a few drops of baby oil to the sticky residue and use a cloth to remove the Sellotape residue. The sticky residue should come right off with the baby oil.
  • Clean the surface well. Clean the surface of your item with soapy water after you have removed all the sticky residue. Use a sponge or soft cloth to do this. Make sure that you clean the surface well, especially if you used baby oil so that you can remove all the grease. Afterwards, allow the item to air dry or use the microfiber cloth to wipe your item dry.

These are the steps in removing Sellotape sticky residue from your items. It is advisable to use Sellotape on paper, cardboard and other arts and crafts materials that you are going to use. For mirrors and windows, you might want to use another type of adhesive so that you will not end up with sticky residue that can damage your items.


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