How To Remove Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors make your home look elegant. However, the sliding glass doors can get damaged over time. When this happens, you need to replace the damaged glass doors with new ones. Removing sliding glass doors is not that hard but it requires a bit of effort. You might need someone to help you with this to make the job easier for you. All you need are a few materials so that you can easily remove the sliding glass doors. Follow the steps that are provided below to learn how to remove sliding glass doors.

  • Take out the screen doors. If your glass doors do not have screen doors, you can proceed with the next step. You must first remove the screen doors on your sliding door setup. To do this, grab a screen door panel on both sides. Lifting the screen door will release the bottom from the sliding track. When the bottom part is lifted, adjust it so that it is away from the track and pointed towards you. Afterwards, remove the upper portion from the sliding door frame. Do this with all the screen doors.
  • Lift the sliding glass doors. This is the part where you will need help from someone else. The sliding glass door can be quite heavy so you need someone to help you lift it from the sliding track. Remove the track caps at the bottom of the sliding track to free the sliding glass door. Afterwards, use a screwdriver to pry the edge of the sliding door upwards. Ask help from someone to help lift up the sliding glass door.
  • Remove the sliding glass doors. When the sliding glass door is no longer mounted and secured in place, you can easily slide out the door from the frame. Grab the sliding door and slide it at the middle of the door frame so that you can easily get it out. Grab the sliding door on both sides and lift carefully. Removing the sliding glass doors is much like removing the screen doors except that it is heavier. After removing, set aside the sliding glass door in a safe area and then remove the other sliding glass doors that you have.
  • Replace the sliding glass doors. You have to make sure that the replacement sliding glass doors are the exact kind as the one you are replacing. Before installing the new sliding glass doors, you might want to clean the sliding track to get rid of dust and dirt that has accumulated. Afterwards, install the new sliding glass doors in reverse order from the way you removed it.

These are the simple steps that you can follow so that you can remove sliding glass doors from your door frame. Clean and maintain your sliding glass doors so that you do not have to replace them as often. Use glass window protectors on the surface of your sliding glass doors to avoid having cracks and scratches on your doors.


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