How To Remove Sliding Windows

Sliding windows makes a room appear more sleek and modern. If you have sliding windows in your home, you must know how to remove them so that you can clean them properly. You should make it a point to clean your sliding glass windows so that they look presentable whenever you have guests at home. Find out how you can remove sliding windows from the frame by following a few simple steps.

  • Inspect the sliding windows. The first thing that you have to do is to inspect the sliding windows that you want to remove from the frame. Most sliding windows have security locks that keep the windows locked in place. See how your windows are installed so that it will be easier for you to remove later on.
  • Remove the screws. There may be some screws that are keeping the sliding windows and the tracks in place. Loosen the screws with a screwdriver. Keep all the screws in a small container so that you will not lose any of them.
  • Remove the rubber stoppers. Now that the screws are removed, you need to remove the rubber stoppers next. The rubber stoppers are a security measure for the windows so that they stop sliding at a certain point. You can find the rubber stoppers at the bottom part of the window frame. It is typically located at the center of the bottom slider rail. Try to pry out the rubber stopper with your hands. If you cannot remove it, use a pry bar to pop the rubber stopper out. Set aside the rubber stoppers.
  • Remove the sliding windows. Now that you have removed all the security measures of the window, the next step is to remove the sliding window itself. To do this, unlock the windows. Slide one panel at the middle of the frame and then carefully lift the window up so that the bottom part is lifted from the sliding rail. Move the bottom part towards you, away from the frame and then gently remove the entire window from the frame. Do the same with the other sliding windows that you have.
  • Clean the frame and windows. Clean the window frame with a vacuum or a damp rag to remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated. Clean the glass windows with a squeegee and wipe with a microfiber cloth so that no fiber traces will be left on the glass.
  • Install the sliding windows. After cleaning the windows, reinstall them back into the frame in reverse order. Make sure that the windows are aligned on the sliding track. Replace all the security measures and make sure that the screws are on tightly.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to remove sliding windows from the window frame for cleaning or for repairs. If the windows are heavy, ask someone to help you remove it from the frame so that you don’t damage the glass. After reinstalling, wipe the glass again with microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints.


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