How To Remove the Ball Joints on a Car

A car’s ball joints are spherical bearings, which pivot between the automobile’s suspension and wheels. They are vital for the safe operation of your car’s suspension and steering. If you need to replace the ball joints of your car, then this article will help you how.

  • What you need to remove a car’s ball joints. You need the replace all joint, 8 millimeter hex head wrench, 15/16 or 22 millimeter combination wrench, pickle fork or ball joint separator tool and hammer.
  • Diagnose the problem of your car. To save time and effort, ensure that replacing the ball joints of your car will resolve the problem. To ensure, jack your car up till the front tires are off ground. Hold the bottom and top part of a tire. Rock that tire back and forth. The ball joint mustn’t have extreme gap or spacing. It’s time to replace a ball joint if there’s a gap. Use blocks to secure the back wheels of your car so they won’t roll while you’re working.
  • Work within the wheel structure. Work on the side of a bad joint. You can work around the rotor and caliper without removing them for an easier reassembly. If they need to be removed, then you must bleed your car’s brakes when you’re replacing the parts.
  • Remove the biggest nut from the ball joint. Use a combination wrench to execute this step. Locate the nut at the structure’s bottom. Then, guide the ball joint’s shack through the steering knuckle hole. Then, position the joint’s new nut. Tighten it so it won’t get loose easily. Once you’ve removed the nut, use a pickle fork between your car’s steering knuckle and control arm.
  • Use the pickle fork to pop out ball joints. Ensure that you already have new ball joints because the pickle fork will destroy the ball joint’s rubber boot. The pickle fork works well in popping out ball joints, an impossible task to accomplish without the tool. Don’t be afraid to hammer the pickle fork hard. It has been built to withstand pressure. It won’t work if you won’t hit it hard.
  • Remove the allen bolts. The joint will pop out after few hammering whacks. Clean the allen bolts so you can remove them easily. Use a propane torch and heat the allen bolts if they’ve accumulated corrosion. Lift the control arm then slide the ball joints out once the allen bolts are removed.
  • Install the new ball joints on your car. Installing new ball joints are easier than removing them. Guide the new ball joint through the hole that will be created by your steering knuckle. Tighten it down using the nut of the new ball joint.
  • The alignment of your car mustn’t be affected by the ball joint replacement once you’ve accomplished the steps. Replace the tire of your car. Don’t forget to check your car’s manual about the bolt’s torque. Most experts will recommend you to use 44 ft-lbs for the upper screws, while 80 ft-lbs for the other bolts. Test your car when you’ve torque the bolts properly.

Search the manual of your car online if you’ve misplace your car’s manual or you don’t have one because you’ve bought a pre-owned.


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