How To Remove the Crown from a Quartz Watch

Most of the more advanced quartz watch repairs require taking off as much parts as needed. Most of the time, the crown is needed to be taken off from the watch. The problem with this, however, is that different watches have different and complicated engineering. One false move and you might cause an irreversible damage on the watch. So if you don’t have the right tool, knowledge, skills, and experience, better leave the job to a professional watch repairman. If not, you might just transform your expensive watch into pieces of metal junk.

Here’s how to properly remove the crown from a quartz watch:

  • Prepare the surface. Place a clean white cloth cover on the surface so you can easily see the small watch parts. The cloth will also prevent formation of scratches on the glass covering. It is an anti-slip feature also to prevent losing important watch parts.
  • Open the back case. You should have the right case opener to carefully open the watch’s back case. A flat-head screwdriver is a good alternative for this. But this might leave nasty marks on the back cover. Just be very careful when opening the back with anything you will use. Be as gentle as possible and never rush or else, scratches will be produced. You’re in a better position if the back is secured with screws. Simply remove the screws and the back is opened. Just be patient with the tightly screwed back case and never push it too hard to prevent scratches.
  • Look for the screw or pin that will release the crown stem. Taking off the back of the watch will reveal its complex parts. Don’t get intimidated yet because identifying the retaining system, or the screw or pin that holds the crown stem, is easy. Most Japanese movements will have a “push here” inscription or a small arrow to label the retaining system. If there’s no label, then look for any screw or pin near the crown stem. This crown stem is a straight line of metal attached to the crown. It’s easy to locate where the stem is by checking on the crown’s position.
  • Put the watch, facing down, on a movement holder. Hold the crown with your thumb and index finger while the other hand is releasing the retaining system. Experienced professionals are confident enough to hold the watch on their palm, which is risky for inexperienced people.
  • Release the retaining system. The method of releasing the retaining system will depend upon its type. For dimple-like system, a push of a pin can already do the trick. Use a similar material to the pin if this is not available. Just don’t use tooth pick, a peg wood, or any similar material for the job. These things will leave small bits of dust-like material in the movement. The small bits can already destroy the movement’s normal function. For screw-type system, simply unscrew it with about one turn or one and a half turn or just enough to release the crown stem. Do not overdo the turning or you might not be able to bring the screw back again.

There, the crown is now removed from the quartz watch. The steps above may seem simple but it may not be that simple with other quartz watches. If you can’t take the risk of totally damaging your watch, better let a professional do it for you. It is worth spending $30 repair fee for a watch that costs around $300.


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