How To Remove the Rear Shock from a Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car is not only a very fancy car, but it also has a very fancy suspension system that can be difficult to remove. If you want to remove the rear shocks from your Lincoln Town Car, you will need to disable the suspension system first just so that you will be able to access the rear shock. Keep in mind that the Lincoln Town Car is suspended on air bags, which means that you definitely need to remove the air bags first. Otherwise, the air bags can burst open and the resulting tears will be very difficult to repair.

  • Air suspension. To start, you will need to disable the air suspension system. You can do this by looking at the switch. This switch is usually found at the back of the car’s trunk. Once you have located the switch, turn it off. This will allow you to raise the back of the car later on with a jack stand. If you do not do this, the car will inflate its air bags when you begin to jack the car up.
  • Jack. After you have turned off the car’s suspension system, the next step is to use jacks to put the car up. Usually, you will only need to raise the back part of the car. You need to use the jacks so that you will be able to easily roll under the car. If you want better access to the rear shock of the Lincoln Town car, you may want to remove the wheel from the car a well, since this usually blocks the car’s rear shock. Make sure that you have placed tire chocks in front of the wheels so that the car will not move, while it is suspended in air by the jack.
  • Shock. Next, you will need to find the rear shocks of the car. To do this, you simply need to look in between the fuel tank and the wheel of the car. You will notice that there is an air bag in between. Just beside the air bag, you should be able to find the rear shock. If you cannot find it, simply make use of a diagram from the car’s manual to find the rear shocks. You can also look for diagrams and illustrations from the Lincoln Town Car website.
  • Unscrew. Now that you have located the rear shocks, all you need to do is to remove the bolts that keep the rear shocks intact. This can be done by locating the socket and using a socket set to remove the bolts from the socket. After you have unscrewed the rear shocks, all you need to do is to slide it outwards. If the rear shock does not slide out easily, take a hammer and give it a gentle tap. This should allow you to push out the rear shocks more easily.

With these easy steps, you should be able to remove the rear shocks from your Lincoln Town Car. This will allow you to change the rear shocks, repair them, or simply clean the rear shocks.


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