How To Remove Thread Veins

You may have noticed some reddish, bluish or purplish spidery or thread veins on your cheeks or your legs and have been concerned. Actually, you do not have to worry as this is not a sign of an underlying sickness. These are tiny capillaries, which have been broken. Thread veins appear on your skin due to your genetic makeup. It can also be caused by aging, weight increase, pregnancy, too much exposure to the wind, sun and cold weather or heavy smoking. Although thread veins are not a problem, their appearance is considered by many as unsightly and prevents them from having truly flawless skin. Below are some ways to remove these unsightly thread veins.

  • Laser treatment is one of the better options to remove thread veins. Heat is applied to the affected area to seal the broken capillaries, which will then be absorbed into the body and eliminated. Since no anesthesia can be applied, the treatment may be painful and leave the affected area red and swollen for a while. It may take several sessions before the thread veins completely disappear.
  • Sclerotherapy is another non-surgical treatment that you can try to remove thread veins. This treatment requires a chemical solution to be injected into the broken capillaries. It can take several weeks to finish the required three to six treatments. One known side effect of this treatment is hyper-pigmentation, which leaves darker skin around the area that is being treated. This can be a more worrisome effect than having thread veins, so give it some careful consideration before you go for treatment. Discuss all the pros and cons of sclerotherapy with your doctor.
  • Look for topical creams with Vitamin K as the major ingredient. Vitamin K is a blood-clotter. After application of the cream, it will be absorbed by the skin and effectively stops the blood from flowing to the broken capillaries and veins, thus stopping the formation of thread veins. You should also eat more leafy green vegetables, which are excellent sources of Vitamin K.
  • Intense pulsed light or IPL is an alternative to laser treatment. The procedure will not only remove the thread veins, it promises to make skin stronger and thicker. The treatment eliminates the bruising and discoloration of the skin that you are likely to get when you go for sclerotherapy.
  • There are also some natural oils that you can make to help the thread veins to disappear. You can mix ten drops of pure essential chamomile oil with four ounces of your favorite moisturizing cream. Mix them thoroughly before you apply it to the areas where there are broken capillaries. You can apply this thrice a day as a regular treatment until the thread veins disappear. Try a mixture of 10 parts distilled witch hazel and 1 part tincture of horse chestnut.
  • Several natural supplements can also help in making thread veins disappear. Look for extracts of bilberry, ginko biloba, hawthorn, grapeseed or butcher’s broom from health food stores. Take the required dosage to strengthen your capillaries and prevent them from getting swollen or broken.

While some people may have thread veins because they have inherited it from their parents, those of you who developed it from exposure to extreme weather conditions should take good care of their skin. Avoid too much sun exposure and protect your face and your legs when the weather turns chilly or freezing.


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