How To Remove Tile Flooring

Some homeowners enjoy having tiles on their floors since tiled floors are easier to clean and maintain. Tiles for flooring are durable and will last for a long time. However if there is no radiant heating underneath, tiled floors will be very cold during winter and can be very uncomfortable as this will keep the house cold most of the time. When you want to remove the old tiles and replace the flooring with new tiles or wooden floorboards, here are a few tips to make tile flooring removal easier.

  • If you are just going to remove a few tile pieces, you need a chisel, hammer, an old towel, a grout cutter, and a thick putty knife or tile scraper. Clear the area that will be removed. Cover the rest of the furniture with dust covers. Cover the surrounding area with plastic sheeting to minimize the spread of dust.
  • Cut the grout lines on both sides of the tiles you are going to remove. Spread an old towel over some of the damaged tiles and smash them with a hammer. Exert just enough force to break the damaged tiles without affecting the surrounding tiles with the force. Remove the broken pieces and place in a waste bin. Insert a putty knife or chisel under the tile pieces that are still attached to the base board and tap the chisel or putty knife with hammer to chip away the tiles. Remove the tile chips and vacuum the area. Level the base in preparation for the new tiles.
  • If you are going to remove the entire flooring, prepare the room first. Clear away every item on the floor. Cover the air vents to prevent the dust from being sucked into the ducts. Seal the entryway with plastic sheeting to prevent dust from escaping from the room. Cover the rest of the items near the room and those that are hung on the walls with dust covers. If the tiles are thin set on concrete, it will be easier to remove using a grout saw with diamond blade. Remove the baseboards that cover part of the tiles around the surrounding walls and identify them.
  • Cut the grout lines from both edges of the tiles so you can remove the tiles cleanly. Start from one corner of the tiled flooring and spread an old towel or sheet over the tiles. Pound the tiles with a small sledgehammer. Start from the corner and work your way towards the center of the room. Clean as you go to minimize debris and dust.
  • Use a chisel and hammer to remove the rest of the tiles. Turn off most of the light inside the room and place a flashlight on the floor. You will be able to see the bumps left on the concrete base. Level off these bumps and remove the dirt. You will then have a base that is even and ready for the new set of flooring material.
  • If the tiles are set on concrete, you can still follow the same removal procedure as the thin set tiles but you will need a tile scraper to remove the rest of the tiles. Level the base concrete and vacuum the area to completely clean it. Prepare the base with the new material you will need prior to laying the new flooring material.

Make sure that you get all the information you need to do tackle this project. You can consult with a builder or check with the store where you will buy your replacement materials. You can also get more information from do-it-yourself websites.


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