How To Remove Tinted Film from House Windows

Some homeowners decide to install tinted film on their windows, particularly those that face the sun to minimize the UV rays that enter the house. Others tint their windows for privacy. However, tinted films will deteriorate with age and exposure to extreme temperature and either warp, tear or peel at corners, which can look very unsightly. If you encounter such problems and want to remove the tinted film from you house windows, take a look at some tips below.

  • Tinted films adhere tightly to the glass and may be hard to remove. If there are cracks and tears on the corners you can start peeling them off using a single edge straight blade with a handle. Purchase several replacement blades as you need to change blades often.
  • Place the blade under the film that is starting to peel and work your way under it. Use your fingers to pull the film up and away from the glass. Continue working until the rest of the tinted film has been removed. Take care that you do not scratch the glass with the blade. Remove as much of the glue residue that will be left on the glass with the blade.
  • Place a thick layer of newspapers or a folded old towel on the window sill. Spray the window with ammonia and allow it to soak through the film until it is softened. Scrape the softened film. Use a soft rag to wipe off the adhesive from the glass. Help the adhesive removal by scraping lightly with the blade. Wipe off the softened adhesive the will accumulate on the blade. The layers of newspapers or the towel will catch the drips from the ammonia. Wash the window with soapy water before rinsing with clean water. Finish cleaning the glass with window cleaner.
  • You can also spray the entire tinted window with full-strength household ammonia then seal the ammonia with sheets of saran wrap. Let it one for one hour or until you see some wrinkling happening to the tinted film. Remove the saran wrap and use the straight edge blade to scrape the softened tinted film from the window. Reapply ammonia and saran wrap for portions that will not come off at once. After you have removed all the film, scrape the window again with the blade to remove as much of the adhesive as you can. Wash your windows in the usual way afterwards.
  • The application of heat can also be used to remove tinted film. Use your hair dryer set to medium to heat a corner of the film until it curls. With your other hand, work your straight edge blade under the portion that has curled and begin scraping more of the film. Turn off the hair dryer and pull as much of the film away from the window. Continue this method until you have removed all the film from the window and apply adhesive remover to clean off the glue residue.

Be sure to wear protective work gear when handling full-strength household ammonia. Safety goggles are a must to protect your eyes when you spray the ammonia. Adhesive remover can also be used to remove glue residue. Removing the tinted film is easy but it can be quite boring and repetitive. Be prepared to spend some time before you can remove the tinted film from all the windows in your house.


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