How To Remove Windshield Molding

Windshield moldings hold your windshield in place. These are brought by new designs of car makers worldwide. The windshield is a unique glass design especially for cars and other automobiles. Before, windshields were made of ordinary glass. But because glass easily breaks and causes serious injuries during crashes, new designs evolved. Toughened glass was used to replace ordinary glass but still the problem of safety is not resolved. But finally this was solved with the use of laminated glass wherein there are two layers of glasses with an inner cellulose layer. This layer holds the glass inside when it is fractured, thus preventing it to burst out during collision and stays in place.

Auto crashes can break or crack your windshield depending on the strength of impact to your car. Though break or crack, this still poses a threat to the driver because it hinders visibility during driving and may spread over time. With this, you should replace your cracked or broken windshield immediately. But before you can remove your windshield, you should know how to remove the molding that holds your windshield to your car. Windshield molding holds the windshield and keeps it in place. Moldings usually are made of rubber so edges of the windshield do not cause cuts when you touch it. Also, moldings are designed not only to hold the windshield in place but also to give your car a nice, neat-looking frame. Some cars are also installed with outer stainless molding for a classier look.

  • You can always buy instruction manuals on how to remove windshield moldings. Most cars have same installations of moldings. You can also search the Internet or seek help from professionals that deals with this kind of trouble. But if you want to learn how to do so manually, here are some tips to remove windshield molding.
  • First you will need these tools for the procedure:
    • Automotive cutting knife
    • Flat tip screw driver
    • Razor blade
  • Then follow the steps below.
  • Pry the plastic trim or rubber molding away from the windshield. Be careful with prying, because some moldings are tough to remove. Use your flat tip screwdriver to do this. Take your time doing this.
  • Cut down starting from the top and start trimming the molding. Some cars have rubber molding inside and a stainless trim molding outside. You just have to remove first the outer lining. Sometimes, the outer lining is just clipped onto the rubber and the rubber is clipped onto the glass or frame. You can buy tools, which are made to remove these clips properly. Removing the molding will take time so be careful in every inch.
  • Using your razor blade, remove residual moldings from your car. Take time on this one also because the rubber molding can be tough too. Be careful because you might scratch your car when doing this step. You might peel off your car’s paint with the razor blade.

After the molding has been removed, you can now replace your windshield as instructed in your manual. Read the instructions first before placing your windshield to avoid misplacing the windshield.


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