How To Renew a Certified Flight Instructor License

Learning is always a continuous process. No matter how many tests you have passed, certificates you have in hand and accreditations you have received, it is still at all times good to be up to date and to know the latest, especially when it comes to being a Flight Instructor. The job is not only focused on teaching students the basic and technical information but it is more geared on making sure that they understand the importance and gravity of their work and responsibility. However no matter how good you are there are certain steps to follow each and every time to make sure that you are authorized to teach and to enlighten. Below we show you steps on how to renew your license as a certified flight instructor.

  • Present attestation. In order to back up that you are indeed a good instructor; your work, knowledge and expertise should reflect on your students. At least five of your apprentice should earn a first time pass rate grade of 80 percent. Documentation should also include their grades on practical tests and duplicate copy of Notice of Disapproval or if not available, submit their Temporary Airman Certificate. All of these would be forwarded to FAA or Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Attend a refresher course. FIRC or Flight Instructor refresher course is only good for three months. The good thing about this is it allows you to plan ahead of time when you will take your next refresher course. If however pressed for time you can check over the net and finish it online. Other organizations online also includes AOPA or Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association to their course. You can also check with NAFI or National Association of Flight Instructors so you can get a complete record of FIRC available. Be ready with some money though, because it may come with a certain amount.
  • Get a practical exam. It is advisable to receive another CFI or Certified Flight Instructor rating. This is a practical test supervised by an FAA officer. You have to get good marks on this of course. Acing this would immediately give you an advantage of a hassle free license renewal.
  • Highlight your extra activities. Your skill and proficiency is not only evaluated using written tests. You also have to show them how active you are in operations.
  • If at any time you have worked as a command flight instructor, evaluator or check airman or pilot, you can use the appointment letter together with the flight log book which shows the hours you have performed as extra documentation to make applying for a license a breeze.
  • Go to workshops. In order to be updated with the latest news, techniques, information etc., take time to attend workshops facilitated by FAA. The time this takes place is almost the same every year. Pay FAA a visit and check their records for available workshops near your place. Aside from that this is a good way to earn credits for your license renewal.

So there you have it, as soon as you have gathered all the necessary documents and passed certain tests then you can say hello to your renewed license. Lastly, if you can avoid it, it would always be best to renew your license before it expires. The reason behind this is once it expires you can no longer renew it. In order to get a new Flight instructor license you have to go through a more tedious process just to reinstate it.


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