How To Rent a Car Without Credit

If your car is not available for some reason and you badly need a ride to get to work or go somewhere important, then your option would be to rent a car which you can use temporarily . This usually requires a credit card for payment. Your credit history should be good to be able to rent a car. If you don’t have a credit card and you want to rent a car, it’s still possible to do so. But, it will be a challenging thing to do. Not all companies offer car rental by cash. But if you really need one, you need to be patient in finding a car rental company that offers the cash payment option.

Here are the steps on how to rent a car without credit.

  • Search for car rental companies. Get a business directory and look for car rental companies near your area. Contact each company and see which accepts cash for rental. You can also search online for these companies. If you prefer to inquire in person, you can go ahead and visit local car rental companies in your area. If you are able to find car rental companies that accept cash, make sure to ask all the requirements needed as well as an estimate of how much the rent will be. List all the companies which allow you to rent without a credit card as well as other details you got. This will help you in deciding which company to rent the car from.
  • Compare car rental companies. Once you get home, go over the list and check the information you got from the companies. See which of these companies offers the best plan and price.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents. Now that you’ve decided which company to rent the car from, check all the requirements needed and gather all of these. The requirements usually include proof of income and identification as well as character references. Prepare a photocopy of your pay slip, statement of bank account, electric and house bills and contact information of your landlord and boss. Your character references will be contacted to verify if you really have a stable income to pay for the car rent. The down payment will usually be higher than if you use a credit card. So prepare at least $1,000 for the down payment. This will vary depending on the model of the car you pick, though luxury cars will most likely not be available for people without credit cards.
  • Go to the car rental company. Once you’re ready with all the requirements, go to the car rental company. Tell the person in charge which car you would like to rent. Have a test drive to make sure it’s working properly and that you’re comfortable with it. Once decided, fill out the car rental form with all the needed information. Negotiate the down payment to have it lowered. If you agree with the amount then make sure to go over the rules and regulations of the company. Ask anything which is unclear to you. Do not sign the form unless you understand everything that you need to know about the agreement.

Don’t forget to ask the maximum distance you are allowed to drive using the car and make sure not to exceed this to avoid any penalty. Return the car on time to avoid any problems. If you still need to use the car, ask for an extension and pay the needed amount.


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