How To Rent a Dune Buggy in Phoenix

If you are into something wild and adventurous, you will definitely be eager to try the tough challenges that wait in such a place as Phoenix, for it is considered as a paradise made for outdoor adventures. So, if you own a dune buggy, you will be totally tempted to try the exciting activities that the vast wilderness of Phoenix can offer because this rough country has a very wide area coming from its never-ending desert. The place presents an adventure that a dune buggy owner would not like to miss. If you don’t have a dune buggy and you’d like to try doing some sand hopping, you can try renting one.  It’s certainly going to be worth it.  So, what do you need in order to rent a dune buggy? Here are some tips to help you rent a dune buggy in Phoenix. Make sure to have your driver’s license ready and renting will be very easy.

  • First thing to do when you are already in Phoenix is to find a place where you can enjoy riding a dune buggy. It is recommended that you get to know the areas where you can really enjoy the outdoor and feel the excitement the place can offer. There a lot of places that will fit your hunger for adventure, but a well-known spot in the region is the Sonoran Desert.
  • To ride a dune buggy and explore the arid area, you can usually rent one in the town’s southwest side. Also, there are other rental companies for dune buggies out there and a lot of them that you can choose from. Surely, it will not be much of a hassle looking for a place to rent a dune buggy of your choice. You can always select according to your preference, and among the most familiar places to go to for Phoenix dune buggy riders is the place called Carefree Adventures.
  • Aside from riding, it will be quite good to enjoy the place through excursions. Phoenix is such a wonderful place to travel around and it offers rather thrilling guided tours for dune buggy riders to see its national forests and deserts. The place assures you that there are a lot of sights to see and riding dune buggies with other people is such an awesome thing to experience as well.  It is one of the ideal things to do to meet adventure-seeking individuals, too, so try to check for dune buggy rental companies that include dune buggy excursions into their list of services.
  • Also, you can try to check if hotels near the places like forests or deserts have dune buggies for rent. There is a good number of major chains of hotels those areas that allow other people to rent dune buggies even if they are not hotel guests. One of those hotels is Marriott, where renting a dune buggy is easy.
  • However, the most import thing to bring is your own driver’s license.  You have to carry your own driver’s license before you will be allowed to rent a dune buggy. It cannot be rented to anyone whose age is under 18 years old.

Phoenix offers a lot of places for adventure in a dune buggy.  So, use these tips to know where and how to rent one.


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