How To Rent a Van to Move Out of a Dorm

Living in a dorm is a very enjoyable thing to do, whether you are still in school or not.  It is also more practical than living in a rented house or apartment.  For as long as you live responsibly and take care not to be a nuisance to other dorm occupants, dorm life can be fun and satisfying.

The sad thing about living in a dorm, however, is that you can’t stay in one forever.  There are times when you have to move out to a new dorm.  The reasons can vary.  One possible reason is you might need a bigger space.  Another possible reason might be you want better living conditions, as some dorms are not really as hospitable as you might want them to be.

If you have lived in a dorm for quite a while, you may have accumulated several properties and personal belongings.  When you move out and transfer to a new place, the space in your car may not be enough to fit them all.  You will then have to rent a van to transport all of your stuff in one go.  Read the rest of this article for some helpful tips on how to rent a van to move out of a dorm.

  • Find a van rental service in your area.  There’s almost always at least one in every city.  Try the classified ads or the yellow pages.  You may also ask for referrals from friends.  If several van rental companies are available in your area, make sure you call up each one and compare prices or rates.  You may need a credit card for van rental reservations.
  • Set up a date for moving out and reserve a van.  Make sure you reserve the van at least a week or two before your actual date of moving out.  Especially if you move out during summer, which is usually peak season for van rentals, reserving the van early will keep you ahead of the others who may also be planning to rent vans.
  • Inventory your belongings and property.  Estimate whether all of them will fit into the van.  You will need to sort them out, too.  The smaller items may be placed in boxes.  Estimate whether all boxes can fit into the van that you are renting.  When reserving a van from the van rental service, make sure you ask for the space or capacity of the van.  In general, if your dorm is just average-sized, one van is usually enough to hold all of your belongings.  If you need bigger space, you may want to rent a small truck instead of a van.
  • Figure out what else you will need for transporting your belongings.  For instance, if you are going to transport some heavy furniture pieces, you may need a dolly.  If you can borrow one, it will be very useful.  Or, you can ask the van rental company if they also have dollies for rent.

Moving out from a dorm is a physically taxing task.  But, you can ask for help from friends.  They will surely helping you, as moving out of a dorm can be a fun way to spend time with friends.


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