How To Rent Credit Card Machines

Customers need to be satisfied with your products and the way you assist them for your business to grow. If you are selling quality products and your customer service is excellent, customers will stick with you and they will recommend you to other people they know. Accepting different modes of payment will also help you gain more customers. If you are only accepting cash or check for payment, you may want to think of including credit and debit cards so you can also cater those who prefer to pay with these methods. If you plan on accepting credit and debit cards for payments, you will need a credit card machine. A credit card machine or credit card terminal is an electronic equipment, which allows you to swipe or enter needed credit or debit card information for a transaction. You can either buy or rent this for your business. Buying a credit card machine will cost you a lot. If you don’t have enough budget to buy one or you will only be using this for a short time like if you will be joining a trade show, you can rent a credit card machine.

Here are the steps on how to rent credit card machine.

  • Period it will be used. You need to consider how long you will need the credit card machine. There are companies, which offer long term and short term rentals. The cost is different for each term. You will be paying more for the long term rental but then you will be able to use the machine for a longer time. If you will be using the machine for a long time, it will still be cheaper than going for short term rental then extending the term. However, if you will use this for a short time only, then go for short term rental.
  • Features included. Credit card machines have different features. You can get a credit card machine, which can process credit card, debit card, cards with PIN required and gift certificates. Decide which features you need because this will also affect the price of your rental. The more feature, the higher the cost.
  • Get a merchant account. This is a bank account, which will allow you to accept credit or debit card payments. You can go to your bank and see if you qualify for this account. If you have this, rent for credit card machine will be lower. If not, the company where you will be renting the machine will set up an account for you so you can accept debit and credit card payments and you will be paying extra for this.
  • Find a company. You can search on the Internet for companies that offer credit card machine rentals. However, it’s better to find those companies near you so you can go and check the machines personally. It will also be easier to contact them if you need their assistance. Check their rates, fee schedule and plans so that you can decide which offers the best deal.

Once you’re ready to get a rental machine, make sure to verify that the machine will be delivered on time so that you can immediately use this in your business and be able to serve more customers.


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