How To Repair a Stretched Ear Lobe

There are several reasons why you might end up with stretched ear lobes. The most common culprit is heavy earrings worn for a long time. The weight of the earrings bear done on the ear lobe hole and eventually elongates the hole. For some, stretching of ear lobes is a deliberate art, by means of inserting large gauge earrings. But if they change their mind at some point, they might want to bring back their ear lobe hole size to the norm. Another possible cause is injury to the ear lobe. In cases that do not require medical attention (especially if there is no blood involved), you can do your own repair of ear lobes at home with just the help of your regular antibiotic ointment or cream.

  • Prevention is always better than cure. Before you read on how to repair your ear lobes, as they say, an ounce of prevention is always, always better than a pound of cure. If you want to avoid elongated ear lobe holes then you need to be very mindful of the type of earrings you wear. Heavy ones especially those that are plastered with gems and other items, should be worn at minimal times or be taken off immediately when you get home. If the damage is something fresh, if you leave your ear lobes alone then it should help itself get back to its normal size. The same goes with not wearing large gauge earrings and by taking your earrings off when you go to sleep. Sleeping with your earrings on is a recipe for disaster, especially if your beddings are lacey and your earrings have prongs. You might accidentally entangle your earrings with your beddings.
  • Doing some in house treatment. As mentioned earlier, if the injury is quite fresh then you can just cure yourself by cleaning out the wound and then applying diligently antibiotic treatment to the wound. It goes without saying that you should stop wearing earrings for the entire length of the treatment. The original ear lobe hole will not close, since it is an already healed puncture but the new injury will definitely close up. Wait a couple of days to a full week before wearing your earrings again.
  • Scheduling an ear repair surgery. If your ear lobe hole size is too big or has healed due to long term use of large gauge earrings, then you will need to go to your doctor to schedule an ear lobe repair surgery. This is a fast, 15-minute treatment (obviously outpatient) and does not cost very much. All your doctor will do is to stitch the ear lobe hole closed to the size that you want to maintain. Normally, anesthesia is not necessary and you will be allowed to go home immediately after application of antibiotic ointment and some home care instructions.

The key to a successful ear lobe correction surgery is by keeping the wound clean by washing it with soap and water at least three times per day. This will keep out the infections that can possibly enter your body.


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