How To Repair Brittle, Damaged Hair from Bleaching and Coloring

Women are so engrossed with their looks nowadays that coloring and bleaching their hair often becomes second nature to them. You have probably noticed a friend or two who sports a new color almost every week. And, you have probably fallen into the same trend as well. However, the constant changes on your hair, including the harsh chemicals you put on it to process the new color, can degrade its quality immensely. Yes, because of coloring and bleaching, the hair can become brittle, dry, and undesirably damaged. Furthermore, these damages can cause you to become insecure as it can be quite embarrassing to sport hair that is not silky smooth and flowing easily.

So, if you think that it is the end of your once healthy hair, think again. The reality is that anything and everything can be repaired. All you will need are some tips and some patience, and your hair will revert back to its once glorious state. Here are some of those tips in detail.

  • Stop it. Obviously, this should not be stated anymore. However, for formality sake, here is again. Stop coloring and bleaching your hair. Yes, that is the first and practical step to repairing damaged hair. By eliminating and avoiding the cause of the damage, your hair will be able to heal faster. Furthermore, it is critical that should you decide to process your hair later on in the future once it has been repaired, make sure to take safety precautions so that hair damage does not strike again.
  • Shampoo and condition wisely. The best way to repair and heal damaged hair is through proper treatment. And, the best treatment option is a combination of high quality shampoo and conditioner. Now, this does not mean that you should get the most expensive products out there. Sometimes, even the most cost-effective products are able to deliver what you need the most.
  • Technically, it will boil down to using products that your hair needs. For instance, you should have shampoos that will work against hair breakage, will provide shine and silkiness, and one that will moisturize your dry hair. Hence, you should have around 3 different shampoos and you should alternate their use so that you can get the nutrients and benefits promised by each of them. The same will go with conditioner. However, since it is not really recommended to condition your hair daily, you may want to set some sort of schedule.
  • Additionally, choose shampoos and conditioners that contain vital ingredients for hair rejuvenation such as Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and protein. All these nutrients will be required by your hair in order to achieve its former glory.
  • Be practical. Aside from applying good hair products, you will need to practice some common sense in hair care. For instance, when your hair is damaged and brittle, know that brushing your while it is wet is not good. Doing it will only contribute to the damage. What you will want to do is comb it using a comb with wide teeth. You may consider using your fingers as well.

In addition, you may want to cut your hair short often, especially when the brittleness shows. By constantly keeping it short, you are eliminated the hair damage and encouraging healthy growth.


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