How To Repair Cedar Shake Siding

You may notice that a lot of forest and mountain cabins are fitted and designed using cedar shake siding. There is a reason for this aside from the fact that the siding creates a rustic appearance to the cabin. In truth, cedar shake siding can actually ward of insects and provide total resilience to water thus, preventing water damage. The former is due to the fact that cedar is a natural insect repellant while the latter is because the shingles forming the side are packed in a way that water trickles straight down.

Now, like any other siding, cedar shake shingles will experience damages through constant wear and tear, be it cracks, tears, curling, or fading. If minor damages are not repaired immediately, it can be contagious and spread throughout the other shingles beside it. Later on it becomes viral since one weak link in the chain is all it needs to falter. So, once you notice damages on even a single shingle, it is your duty to fix that problem as soon as you can. Don’t worry; the process is quite easy. Here are the steps.

  • Inspect the shingles. The first step in the process is to determine the shingles that are damaged. A close inspection is all it will take. Normally, you will look for cracks or tears as well as loose shingles due to failing or loose nails. Whatever is the case, take note of the shingles that need attention as you will focus on those later on.
  • Buy and age extra shingles. The problem with cedar shake shingles is that it discolors when exposed to the elements. Hence, if you are replacing a few shingles, that particular newly installed shingle will look totally different in color and shade with the other older shingles. To solve this problem, make sure that you buy a little extra during the installation of the siding. Additionally, you will want these extra shingles exposed to the same elements to a certain extent so that the color will match those installed when the time comes.
  • Remove the old shingle. This should not be too difficult. All you need is a flat or crow bar. Use the bar to pry the two nails holding the old shingle down. Once the nails come out, the shingle should fall right off. Of course, if the shingle in question is still in good condition but only loosened due to a rusted or failing nail, then all you will need to do is remove the old nail and hammer in a brand new one.
  • Install the new shingle. The thing with cedar shake shingles is that they are not of equal sizes. Some shingles may be a bit bigger than the one next to it. It is chaotic but that is how it is designed for the siding. Hence, once you remove the old shingle, you will need to use that as a pattern to cut down the new shingle to size. Using a utility knife for the cuts is the way to go.

When the cut is complete, position the new shingle in place on the siding. Make sure that you position it flush on the siding just the way the old shingle was before. Use the same nail length and thickness as that of the old nails. Hammer in the nails at the same points of the old shingle and you are done.


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