How To Repair Cracks in a Pool Deck

The swimming pool is the ideal place for you to chill during an extremely hot summer day. If you are blessed with a home that has a swimming pool; chances are, you are frequently inviting guests over for a barbeque session. Pool maintenance can be expensive as the amount of water it consumes, the regular chemicals to keep the water safe and clean, and the time it takes for you to drain and replace the water can take a lot of time and money.

One of the most common problems of swimming pools is the presence of cracks. Cracks have amazing power to draw attention, as such, no matter how crystal clear the water is, the cracks will still overpower the beauty of your pool.

  • Deal with cracks like a professional. If you want to maintain your swimming pool to its top shape, repair the cracks as soon as you diagnose them. The best time to repair cracks is during the colder seasons; and without any harsh sunlight that can cause you a heat stroke.
  • Mark the areas that need to be repaired. It’s best to work on one area at a time. Inspect the cracks carefully. If the cracks are hair-like thin, then you will need to work on them to expand the cracks. While this might sound illogical as you are attempting to repair the cracks, you need to widen the gap so that you can properly install fillers.
  • Use a chaser blade installed on a circular saw to widen the gap. To check if the gap is wide enough, try inserting a syringe; if the syringe tip or the filler tube’s tip gets through, then you can stop sawing through it. The syringe will serve as your measuring guide because you will use it to put in the fillers.
  • Clean the area for any dust and dirt. You can use a soap and sponge to clean the area. Any dust or dirt can be hindrances once you put in the fillers.
  • Purchase epoxy filler from a local hardware store. Ask about the proper usage of the filler, as different brands will have different procedures. Fill in the gaps until you achieve an even surface. Allow sufficient time for the epoxy filler to dry. Consult with the user’s guide for the setting time of the epoxy filler you bought.
  • Once the filler is completely dry, examine the area for any excess or bump. Use an electric grinder to sand along the area of the filler to achieve a smooth surface. A smooth surface can conceal any repair job so make sure you sand well. If your swimming pool is painted, then you have to repaint the area so that the repair is concealed. Purchase a paint that is of the exact or similar shade so that the touch-up is not evident. Apply a base coat and allow it to completely dry before applying the second coat. If your pool is decorated, try mimicking the decors to hide the repair job. Apply necessary stucco or plaster to finish the job.

Allow everything to dry before you add water back to your swimming pool.


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