How To Repair Damaged Permed Hair

If you want to sport the curly look, you will need to undergo a process called “perm”. Perm is a shortened term that stands for “permanent curl”. If you wish to have curly locks, you will need to visit a professional salon that offers curling services. The idea behind the process is to lock your hair into curlers and apply chemicals to allow the hair to take the shape of the curler. After a given time, the hair is set to the shape of the curler, thus producing bouncy curls.

Before you decide to undergo the perm process, you need to understand that the chemicals to be used can potentially damage your hair. As the chemicals will create a reaction to weaken the bond of the hair to allow it to take the shape of the roller, the damage can be extensive if anything goes wrong.

If you happen to undergo the curling process and went home with a severely damaged locks, then learn how to repair your own hair. The sight can be a nightmare, but can be temporary. Wait for a few days or until the curls have set. If you feel that the process damaged your hair, then work on repairing the permed hair.

Perm chemicals can dry up your hair. Work on rehydrating your hair by applying a good brand of conditioner. Let the conditioner sit on your hair for a longer time before you rinse your hair. There are shampoos available in the market that specifically targets curled hair, consider purchasing something from this line so that your hair can be maintained.

Regular conditioning should be done to your damaged hair. A weekly deep conditioning should also be scheduled. While regular conditioners can help you manage your hair, deep conditioning can significantly improve your damaged hair. Purchase deep conditioners that are specifically produced for damaged hair. Work on the conditioner for about five minutes, while continuously massaging from the roots to the tip of your hair, before you rinse thoroughly.

Protein and vitamin E treatments are also recommended to help your hair revive its shiny and healthy look. Apply some leave-on conditioner before you head out. The leave-on conditioner will allow your hair to be rehydrated even during daytime. If you need apply hair products, skip the mousse and apply gel instead.

Do not attempt to undergo any treatment that would straighten your hair. Going straight from perm to relax is a definite no-no. Allow your hair to recover from the chemicals, for at least three months, before you subject it to another round. Do not attempt to bleach your hair or apply any coloring chemicals to your perm hair. If you are lucky enough to have long hair, you can consider cutting off the curls to completely remove traces of the curling nightmare. If, however, you refuse to get a short haircut, then be patient and allow your hair to grow. Be patient in working with your hair to repair the damage. During daytime, you can conceal the damage by tying a loose ponytail on your curls.

Be gentle in combing your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to prevent breaking tangled hair. Avoid using heated products such as hairdryers and flat irons. Discuss your concerns with your hairstylist so that you can work together to repair your hair.


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