How To Repel Deer from Eating Plants

Are there some deer in your neighborhood? Well, watch out for them. They can eat up your precious plants in a dash. And if you have some landscaping plants, guard them from those deer, too. Those deer just love them.

Here are some measures on how you can repel those deer from eating your favorite plants:

  • Fence. Plan this carefully. A fence can easily ruin the inherent appeal of your landscaping. It is wonderful if you can seek professional assistance. Anyway, bear in mind that the actual height of your fence is critical. Its height is going to determine its value. Don’t forget that deer can jump. Stories reveal that 10 feet is no sweat for them. Make sure to coordinate with your neighborhood association. Most covenants limit the height of fences to 6 feet. If that is an issue, consider other options. This is surely not going work for you.
  • Human hair. You need some clumps of it. Scatter them all over your plants. Deer hate the scent of “men”. They automatically alert themselves when people are around. So, if they get to smell the human hair, they are going to be more cautious. They are just going to keep away from area. You can talk to a local hairdresser if you need to source those clumps of hair. She can collect them for you.
  • Bars of soap. Check out your garden perimeter. Find out where you can conveniently hang those bars of soap. Place them every 3” around your garden perimeter. This scheme is based on an anecdotal evidence indicating that bars of soap are great in keeping deer away. By the way, don’t take out the wrapper. The wrapper can help those bars of soap last a bit longer.
  • Fabric softener sheets. Like the bars of soap, you can hang them around your garden perimeter. Follow the 3” spacing rule. Prepare to replace the fabric softener sheets after a rain. Realize that water can readily lessen their effectiveness. So, don’t forget that.
  • Moth balls. Place them around the plant base. The smell of those moth balls are certainly going to irk those deer. By the way, moth balls are not just going to drive the deer. Skunks and squirrels hate them as well.
  • Deer repellent products. You can buy that from a nearby home improvement center or nursery. You can spray it directly to your plants. Just concentrate on the ones that you wish to safeguard from those deer. Again, watch out for any rainfall. Rain is definitely going to wash off the repellent and your plants are going to be vulnerable once more.
  • Deer-resistant plants. Deer hate herbs like lavender, dill, thyme, and oregano. They are also not excited to feast on columbine, daffodil, snapdragon, hyacinth, and stella de oro day lily. So, if you intend to shield your landscaping plants from those deer, have more of these varieties. Those deer are going to be convinced to stay away from your landscaping plants since what you have there are less tempting for them. Isn’t that great news?


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