How To Replace a Broken Cell Phone

It is easy to say that you should buy another unit when your cell phone gets broken. But the truth is – it is not that simple. You know how expensive cell phones are and they can eat a big chunk from your budget. Of course you do not want to settle with a model that lacks modern features such as camera, touch screen and Internet access. What you need is a fully functional cell phone that can serve most of your needs in one handset. If you need to replace a broken cell phone, here are tips that can help you:

  • Make sure the cell phone is really broken. You may not be aware, but the little malfunction it is manifesting may just be a problem in its settings. Read the manual of the cell phone and analyze what is wrong with it. If you cannot do the troubleshooting on your own, bring it to the dealers and have them re-configure the settings. For all you know, it could also be the battery that is causing the problem. Look at all the possibilities before you declare your cell phone dead.
  • Find out if the warranty for your cell phone is still on. Cell phones are usually covered by a one-year warranty under normal use from the time you acquired it. Bring out the purchase receipt and warranty card to know if you can still avail of the allowed coverage. If you find out that your cell phone warranty is still good, get in touch with the dealer or your telecom service provider and ask their assistance. Cell phones under warranty are usually replaced or repaired for free.
  • Try rebooting your cell phone. Turn off your cell phone, open its back cover and remove the battery pack then take out the SIM card. Next, replace the SIM card and the battery pack along with the cover and turn the cell phone back on. This technique usually works because sometimes, when cell phones are not turned off 24/7, they tend to hang and fail to function hence they need to be rebooted.
  • Check the signal of your service provider. Look up its website and see if there are announcements of service failures. You may also call the service number of the telecom company and inquire if there is a problem with their signal. If you find out that there is indeed trouble in their operation, then your cell phone is not sick. But if it turns out there is no service interruption, then it is probable that your cell phone has defect.
  • Secure the data stored in your cell phone. Transfer your name list, messages, photos and other records from your cell phone to the SIM card or in your computer via Bluetooth. Delete non-transferable messages then remove the SIM card before surrendering your cell phone for repair or replacement.
  • Buy a cheap unit in the meantime. If you are one person who cannot function without a cell phone, buy a temporary replacement while you wait for the actual unit to arrive. Cell phones are very important gadgets and any person who has some business deals to conduct completely relies on his cell phone for contacts and transactions. By the time you get the real replacement, do not ditch the cheap phone. Keep it for back up in case you encounter another problem with your new unit.

Sometimes cell phone problems arise from mishandling. If you are not careful, your cell phone might be accidentally dropped, drenched in water and suffer major damage. To avoid the hassle of replacing a broken cell phone, take good care of your gadget at all times.


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