How To Replace a Caliper in a VW Jetta

The very first model of Volkswagen (VW) Jetta was produced in 1980 by a German auto manufacturer. From that year on, many variations of this car emerged such as the City Jetta, Jetta City, Fox, GLI, Jetta Sagitar, Vento and Atlantic. The make of VW Jetta remains practically the same except with the body design and other innovations in its interior. Its motor has also improved in time though the basic car parts, such as the caliper, are not easy to find. You may look for replacement caliper for VW Jetta in some exclusive auto parts suppliers in the country. The best way to find one without taking much trouble is through the Internet. The site gives a wealth of information on where to purchase a caliper for a VW Jetta and other car brands for that matter. In changing the caliper of a VW Jetta, take note of the following tips:

  • Assemble the tools and materials needed for the job. To replace a caliper in a VW Jetta, you will need these things: tire iron, replacement Jetta caliper, various types of wrenches, jack and bleeder bottle.
  • Elevate the VW Jetta to a comfortable level. The clearance of elevation must allow you to have access to the wheel that needs to be worked on. Secure the elevated car with a jack making sure the jack is firmly placed on the ground. Clear the surrounding areas of any items especially delicate ones to avoid breakages in case the car accidentally slumps down. Children should also stay away from the work area.
  • Detach the caliper from the bolt. Note however that the caliper must only be half-detached from the hydraulic line. Take off the covers on the wheel such as hubcaps and disengage the bolts one by one. To make the job easier, wiggle the wheel as you loosen the bolts. Once the wheel is off, adjust the jack so the car will not fall down.
  • Reattach the caliper to the hydraulic line. Firmly hold the caliper with both hands and ask an assistant to put back the bolts in place. Use an appropriate wrench to tighten the bolts well. The cable or rod that joins the caliper to the wheel must be threaded manually. Make sure the rod is threaded evenly so the caliper will not be dislodged.
  • Take out the air from the brake drum. Use a bleeder bottle to completely remove air from the drum. Another way of draining the air is by stepping on the brakes several times until the brakes become stiff.
  • Reinstall the wheel. The wheel bolts must be tightly screwed back in place with the use of wrench or wheel axle. Lower the altitude of the jack and slowly put down the car. Test the brakes again by stepping on them a few times to know if the air has been completely drained.

If you know how to change a flat tire, you will know how to replace a caliper in a VW Jetta. It only requires practical knowledge and skill to do the job. Take note also that in cleaning the brake components, avoid using compressed air as it may have foreign elements like asbestos, which may cause malfunctioning of the brakes.


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