How To Replace a Flat Iron Ceramic Plate

You have spent a lot of time searching in beauty shops to find the finest flat iron. You shelled out $25, $40, or even $300 for the hair straightener that works best on your curls. What do you do if you accidentally drop it and the ceramic plate broke? Don’t throw it away yet. Check first if the flat iron still gets hot. If you can still feel the heat coming from it, then all you need to do is change the broken plate. This article will guide you in replacing the ceramic plate on your flat iron.

  • Check if your flat iron is still covered by the warranty. For this step, it is important that you have kept the iron’s receipt. If not, you will have a hard time finding out if the manufacturer can still replace the unit or the ceramic plate for free. Once you have confirmed that the iron is still covered, call the manufacturer to inquire about getting it fixed. Typically, they will have you ship it back to their office together with your proof of purchase. Should the manufacturer be unable to change the ceramic plate, they would send you a brand new unit as a replacement.
  • Check if the ceramic plate is interchangeable. Some flat irons have heating plates that are interchangeable. If your model has this feature, it is very likely that beauty supply shops carry compatible plates. Call ahead to make sure that the store indeed has stocks of the heating plates. Bring your straightening iron to the shop to make sure that you buy the correct size. If this is not possible, supply the clerk with the brand and model of the flat iron so that she can find the compatible plate for you. Simply slide out the broken ceramic heating plate and insert the brand new plate in place.
  • If you cannot find a ready-made replacement ceramic plate, contact a manufacturer to make you a customized one. Some small ceramic manufacturers will accept made-to-order jobs for flat iron ceramic plates. All you need to do is to supply them with the precise measurements of your broken plate. To be sure, it is advisable that you send them the actual broken plate so that they can make an accurate replica. Once the manufacturer ships you the custom-made ceramic plate, you will need to attach this to your flat iron using special glue. You need to go to a hardware or home improvement shop and ask for a ceramic adhesive that can stand very high temperatures. Apply a thin coat of glue on one side of the ceramic plate. Position one arm of the flat iron on top of the ceramic plate and press the two surfaces together. If glue seeps out of the edges of the plate, make sure to clean this off with a clean rag. Leaving glue on the surface can create uneven areas that can snag your hair. Leave the glue to dry completely before attaching the other ceramic plate, should you need to replace both sides. Read the instructions that come with the glue’s packaging for the drying time.

To avoid doing further damage to your newly repaired flat iron, it is advisable that you invest in holders or containers where you can place the hot iron during and after use. Beauty supplies shops and salons carry a range of heat resistant bags or mats that are designed not only to protect surfaces from getting burned; they also keep the flat iron’s ceramic plates protected.


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