How To Replace a Fuel Pump in a Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a great Japanese marvel which the Western world has learned to love. This type of vehicle is a mid-size sedan that Honda has produced since the year 1976. The Honda Accord made history in 1982 when it was produced in Marysville, Ohio making it the first ever Japanese car manufactured in the United States. And since then, the Honda Accord has become a global hit that it is hard to imagine a city where a stylish and high performance Honda Accord does not passes by.

The Honda Accord’s outstanding performance, stylish design and reliability helped in making it the best-selling Japanese car in the United States for fifteen years. And because of that, the Honda Accord evolved continuously adding feature after feature to improve the car’s look and performance. A good example of this innovation is the fuel pump found in the Honda Accord’s fuel tank. The fuel pump is good to have in your car’s engine but you should know how to keep it, here are some tips on how to replace a fuel pump in a Honda Accord.

  • The Honda Accord fuel pump requirements. The Honda Accord is a unique piece of machine. It is made for high performance. And that is why its parts and equipment are not your run of the mill types. In order to replace the fuel pump you shall need some tools and kits to help you out. You will need a fuel pump kit, a socket wrench set and tool 07AAA-S0XA100. When you have these you can begin this special project.
  • Time and size will tell. The fuel pump kit for the Honda Accord varies. You should know what type of kit will fit your Honda Accord. And to know this you should know the age and the engine size of your Honda Accord.
  • The first move to a new fuel pump. The very first task in replacing your fuel pump is to remove the pressure on the fuel system. After doing so, the next require task is to unplugged or severe the negative battery cable. This can be done using your socket wrench. The fuel pump’s electrical connection should also be removed. To do this, take out the spare tire casing. Then take off the trunk’s floor. Open the access panel and proceed to remove the electrical connection.
  • More disconnections. The next thing to do is to disengage the electrical connector attached to your fuel pump. This should be immediately followed with the removal of the quick connect fitting. After these steps you must now take out the fuel tank locknut. The tool 07AAA-S0XA100 will help you do this. Pull out the fuel tank upon unwinding the bolts.
  • Off with the old, on with the new. Now shift your attention to the fuel tank. Take out the old fuel pump. Install the new one. The old gasket and O-rings should be disposed. To complete this project return everything to their proper places.

The Honda Accord is a thing of power and beauty. Take care of it and you will benefit from its stylish look and amazing performance.


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