How To Replace a Power Mirror in a Chrysler Town & Country

Manually setting the angles of your side mirrors is a thing of the past. Most cars today are equipped with motor powered side mirrors that allow the driver to change their angles with just a push of a button, usually located within the reach of the driver. But the problem with such kind of side mirrors is that when they break down, you need to replace their motors with new ones.

The precise way of replacing a power mirror differs from one car to another. This article tackles how to replace a power mirror, specifically in a Chrysler Town&Country.

  • Remove the old power side mirrors. The side mirrors of Chrysler Town&Country are located on its pillars and not on the doors. A triangular panel covers 3 bolts, which attach the side mirrors to the vehicle. Remove this triangular panel using a trim stick or a screwdriver. Take it easy and make sure that on the process of doing so you will not create unnecessary and unwanted scratches on the surface of the panel. Once you’re able to remove the panel, you will find 3 bolts, which hold the side mirror to the pillar. Remove these bolts. Hold the side mirror while removing the bolts to make sure that it won’t fall when all the bolts are already out.
  • Unplug the connecting wires. After you finish removing the bolts on the power mirrors, the next step that you have to do is to disconnect its wires. Simply pull the wiring harness from where it is plugged. Once the connecting wires are already unplugged, simply pull the power mirror out of the molding.
  • Purchase the right power mirrors. Make sure that what you purchase is the correct power mirror, that is, the one made for the model of your Town and Country, as there are different power mirrors particularly built for specific models of Town and Country. You would not want to waste your time and money in buying a side mirror that is not compatible with your car.
  • Install your new power mirror. If you have already taken the old side mirror out, then you’re done with the hard part. Remember that in installing your new power mirror, you’re only reversing the process how you took it out. First, connect the wire to the power source. To do this easier, remember the plug where you disconnected the wire of the old side mirror. After you finish plugging the connecting wires, position the mirror in its proper place then screw the three bolts in. And lastly, install the triangular panel or cover by pressing it.

Remember that side mirrors are attached to a car as additional safety measures, as they give a driver a greater view of the sides and back of a car. When your side mirrors are broken, you would probably find it difficult to drive since you do not have a full view of the road. Needless to state, broken side mirrors do not get fixed on their own. Make sure that your car is fully equipped with all its safety devises, as you surely would not want to compromise the safety of your passengers.


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