How To Replace a Radiator in a Plymouth Neon

The Dodge Neon, also known as the Chrysler Neon and Plymouth Neon, is a compact car that succeeded the Plymouth Laser and Dodge Shadow. Car critics may have different views about the Plymouth Neon. But for drivers like you, this compact car can be one of the best. Although competitive in the market, the Plymouth Neon still needs to be maintained properly. Just like any other vehicle, its radiator will sooner or later need replacement.

Unlike most cars, it is more difficult to replace the Plymouth Neon’s radiator. But don’t worry because having a good guide will save you from doing it the wrong way. Follow the steps below for the correct way of replacing a radiator in a Plymouth Neon:

  • Let the vehicle to cool down. The engine system and fluid are very hot that can cause serious burn. Let the car to cool down first before you start replacing the radiator. While you wait, prepare your working gloves, tools, radiator, and the fluid container.
  • Drain the radiator fluid. You can do this after disconnecting the battery’s negative cable. Loosen the plug at the bottom of the radiator. Let the fluid to drain out into the re-sealable container.
  • Take out the lower radiator. Disconnect the radiator’s upper hose and the fan motor’s electrical connectors. Remove the radiator fan and the automatic transmission hose, if your car has an automatic transmission. Return the cap securely on the hose. Now you can take out the lower radiator.
  • Take out the rest of the radiator parts. The air conditioner condenser might be getting in the way of other radiator parts. Remove this first by taking out the screws. Tilt the A/C condenser forward. Be careful as you remove the radiator out.
  • Install the new radiator. Attach cables that have to be attached to the new radiator like the air conditioner condenser. Then, properly place the radiator in its mounting holes. Use a wrench to tighten the screws that secure the radiator bracket. Put the hose for the lower radiator and then position this hose so it will not interfere the other engine parts. Install the cooler lines also, if the Plymouth Neon is equipped with an automatic transmission.
  • Attach the radiator fan assembly. Put in the radiator fan and then connect its cables for the fan motor. Attach the hose for the upper radiator and just like the other hose, keep this hose from interfering other engine parts and the hood.
  • Pour fluid in the radiator. You may put in the commercial radiator fluid or mix distilled water and antifreeze. Pour this into the radiator until there is enough fluid in it.
  • Warm up the Plymouth Neon. Start the car and keep it running until the engine system has warmed up. This will allow you to accurately check the radiator’s fluid level. Check the radiator’s fluid and add more, if needed.

As usual, check the radiator’s fluid from time to time and refill it whenever needed. Keep the unused radiator fluid out of reach of children and pet. Also, properly dispose the drained out radiator fluid. If you don’t know how, better take it to the nearest hazardous waste disposal center.


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