How To Replace a Radio in a PT Cruiser

Although the PT Cruiser’s factory radio is enough, most owners would want to replace it. Maybe the radio has an irreparable damage or the owner simply wants a new model that can work with modern music forms. Whatever your reason is, replacing a radio in a PT Cruiser is easy as long as you do it the right way. Better be guided on what to do by following the steps below:

  • Turn off the PT Cruiser. Properly turn off the installed radio first and then turn off the car. Unlike other automobiles, PT Cruiser has a simpler panel that houses radio, air conditioner, and other auto parts. Therefore, replacing the radio will be easier because you will remove only fewer auto parts to complete the job.
  • Assess the PT Cruiser panel. Different PT Cruiser models have slight differences on the panel design. But it only takes one panel to access the radio. So first, assess the engineering of your PT Cruiser’s panel. This is important so you will know the things that should be removed to take off the panel.
  • Remove parts that might get in the way of the panel. These parts may include the air conditioner vents, knobs, and buttons. Vents are usually secured with screws. Simply loosen the screws and the vents will be easily removed. Meanwhile, buttons and knobs can be taken off by twisting, turning, and pulling. Set apart the parts to keep them from losing.
  • Pry off the panel from the bezel. Use a flat-head screwdriver or similar thing to pry off the panel. You might need to pry off the panel from its different sides so you can completely remove the panel. Hidden parts, slots, and connectors will be revealed after removing the panel.
  • Unscrew the PT Cruiser radio. There are usually four screws that secure the automobile’s radio. Set the screws aside so you can easily recover it when installing a replacement radio.
  • Remove the radio. Pull out the radio from the bezel. You may pry it off, too, in case the radio’s bracket allows it. If the radio can’t be removed, assess again the parts that surround it. Perhaps the air conditioner and other parts have to be removed before you can access the radio. There are radio connectors at the back of the radio. Disconnect these wires and then disconnect the radio’s mounting bracket. Set the old radio aside and prepare to install the replacement radio.
  • Install the replacement radio. Make sure that the radio is compatible for the PT Cruiser so that it will fit perfectly. Secure the radio to the mounting bracket first and then connect the wires. The replacement radio may have a guide on how to connect the wiring. Follow the guide and then insert the radio to its slot. Secure its mounting bracket using the screws. Put other auto parts back to the automobile. Simply follow the steps above in reverse.

Test the new PT Cruiser radio to see if it’s working perfectly. If it’s not working as expected, maybe the connectors were plugged in wrong slots. Recheck the wiring again and then check the manual and guide. A professional auto mechanic can always help to correct any DIY auto repair and maintenance mistakes.


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