How To Replace a Soffit

The look of your house is a statement whether you plan it or not. The exterior ambience of your house is affected by the fascia and soffit. They leave an impression, and if the soffit of your house gets broken, then the overall beauty of your house is affected as well. Replacing soffits is important to bring back the beautiful ambience of your home. Below are the steps on how to replace a soffit.

  • Make a plan. You’ll be arranging your home so you need to have an accurate and practical plan to save time and money. Plan how to replace your home’s soffit and write down any ideas that will pop out to make your home more defining.
  • Draft your plan in a graphing paper. Put some notes like the materials that you will need and your preferred working schedule. If you’ll need help from relatives or friends, then write their schedule on the paper.
  • Take out the molding around your home’s soffit. The molding can be along the soffit’s edge where it bonds the side. Put the molding in a secured location for reuse. Mark each portion so you won’t have trouble reinstalling it.
  • Find the seams of the soffit and mark them. Begin at an end then cut the primary seam using a sharp utility knife or a razor knife. Cut its caulking completely so you can separate the seams.
  • Cut the succeeding seam. Utilize a pry bar so you can take the soffit panel out. Remove the leftover nails from the panel and rafters. Brush off the remaining debris on the panel.
  • Use the panel as a template. Make a new woodcut with similar panel dimensions using the panel that you have removed. Prime the new panel before painting it.
  • Take out the succeeding panel. Remove it while you let the other panel to dry. Use the first panel as template for the succeeding panel. Again, prime this panel before painting it.
  • Install the primary panel. Nail the first panel in position and then, apply caulk into the first seam to seal it.
  • Take out the third panel. Repeat the cutting, priming, and painting procedure. Install the second panel while you are waiting the paint on the third panel to dry out. Apply caulk so you can seal the second seam.
  • Repeat the procedure. Repeat the processes until you have replaced all the panels. Reinstall the molding.

Repairing the CertainTeed siding of your home is more challenging. You need to know how to replace the CertainTeed soffit and receive the channel know-how. Learn also its ordinary channel adaptation, safe installation of the channels, and nailing the strips for additional support.

Also, take note to prioritize safety when working with the soffit. Put on safety glasses before you cut any wood. Ensure to paint or seal the wood immediately so it can have a long life. If the fascia or soffits are vinyl above wood, then the wood condition plays a vital function in substituting fascia and vinyl soffit. Don’t leave the power tools unattended. Don’t stain or paint overhead without proper face and eye protection. Lastly, it’s better to hire a home repair person than try to replace a soffit if you are not confident with your carpentry skills.


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