How To Replace a Tie Rod End in a VW Passat

You should not hesitate to replace the tie rod end of your VW Passat. It is an important task, especially when the steering of your vehicle if already off. That can surely affect your driving. Also, you have to consider doing it when your vehicle’s tie rod ends are playing too much. Although you can do this job on your own, you still have to warn yourself. This can turn out to be a messy endeavor.

Here are the steps involved in case you plan to replace the tie rod end of your VW Passat:   

  • Visit a nearby supply center. Order the replacement for the tie rod end. Get the type that is specific to your VW Passat. Note that tie rod end types may vary depending on the model year. Make sure that the replacement nut is included. It is usually part of the package.
  • Start the procedure by jacking up your VW Passat. That should give you the convenience to access the front tires. Reach out for the lug nuts. Loose them. Double-check if your VW Passat is properly secured by the jack stand. When the positioning is stable, proceed by removing the tires of your vehicle.
  • Check out the oil that is going to penetrate. Use it in coating the tie rod, the boot, as well as the rack’s end. Let this particular oil to soak completely before you go to the next step.
  • Inspect the tie rod. Clean its threaded part. After that, look for the jump nut. Mark its position. Use a marker or a pain. Once you have accomplished the marking, begin loosening it. Grab your tie rod end puller so you can detach the tie rod end directly from the hub of the wheel.
  • Continue by unscrewing the tie rod end. That should allow you to disconnect it from the vehicle’s spindle. Count how many turns are needed. You should note the number down. Afterwards, you can take out the old jam nut.
  • Bring out the new jam nut. Screw it on. Next is the new tie rod end. Screw it on, too. See to it that you note the number of turns that you are going to make. You should follow the exact number when you removed the old tie rod end. Eventually, you can slip back the tie rod end straight into your VW Passat’s steering boot. Then, take care of the jam nut. Tighten it well by adjusting the setting to 22-foot lbs. Afterwards, add another half turn.
  • Repeat all the steps above in replacing the other tie rod end.
  • Once you have replaced the tie rod ends, end the procedure by reinstalling the tires of your VW Passat. Attend to the lug nut. Tighten it. Adjust it to 195-foot lbs.
  • Realign your VW Passat.

By promptly replacing the tie rod end of your VW Passat, you get to use your vehicle’s wheels better. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to track straight. Alignment is not going to automatically solve the problem. So, consider the above listed steps so you can do the job effortlessly.


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