How To Replace an Air Filter in a Toyota Highlander

Do you want to maintain the good performance of your Toyota Highlander’s engine? Well, take care of its air filter. Always keep it clean.

The filter is responsible in allowing the air to flow freely in your vehicle’s engine. The airflow becomes critical in improving your vehicle’s car mileage. When that happens, you can expect your vehicle’s engine to have a longer life span. Note that your vehicle’s air filter has to be replaced. If you are using your vehicle under tremendous conditions, you should change it every 3,000 miles. If you only drive it normally, your marker is 30,000 miles.

You can replace your Toyota Highlander’s air filter in about 10 minutes – even less. Here are your quick guidelines so you can do the job effortlessly:

  • Start the process by turning off your Toyota Highlander. That should be done so you can automatically prevent possible injury, especially when the engine backfires. So, make sure that your vehicle is off until you have finally replaced its air filter.
  • Go for your Toyota Highlander’s hood. Lift it and look for the housing unit of its air filter. You should readily find it right on the side of the driver. Or, you can just check out the windshield. You should see it close to the back corner. You are not going to miss it. It is actually made of plastic. It is a black box. It has an attachment: a hose (accordion-type). The hose connects it to your vehicle’s engine.
  • Once you have found the housing unit of your vehicle’s air filter, aim to open its lid. You can easily do that by working on the clips or bolts that clamp it in place. Loosen them and then, lift off the lid of the housing unit.
  • Hold the old air filter. Pull it out from your vehicle’s housing unit. Do it carefully and cautiously. See if there are remaining debris. You should clear them out. You have to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle’s air filter, remember? Run through the housing unit’s surfaces, both inside and outside. Use a damp cloth so you can wipe them.
  • Get the new air filter. Place it into your vehicle’s housing unit. By the way, check out the manufacturing date of your Toyota Highlander. If it is a model that was released anytime from 2001 to 2008, it is best to source a K&N air filter. The part number is 33-2260. If your Toyota Highlander is older, you can inquire for a suitable part from an auto supply center in your area. You can also get recommendations on-line.
  • Put back the lid of your vehicle’s air filter housing. Secure all the clips or bolts to keep the housing in its proper position.

Isn’t that easy? So, don’t hesitate to replace your Toyota Highlander’s air filter. It is a maintenance task that you can readily do on your own. Just refer to the specific steps in this article and things are going to be fine. Maintain your vehicle’s engine so you can protect your valuable investment. You can also guarantee safety.


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