How To Replace Brake Fluid in a Honda CR80

Like its bigger counterparts, Honda CR80 utilizes different hydraulic brakes that are controlled by brake fluid pressure in its brake lines. This brake classification is highly effective and it can give dependable and long lasting service. You need to change brake fluid regularly to keep the brakes properly working. Replacing the Honda CR80’s brake fluid in its brake lines is easy. Below are guides on how to replace brake fluid in a Honda CR80:

  • Check the motorcycle’s manual. It is the best resource to identify proper troubleshooting solutions to any problems or discomforts that you may experience in your motorcycle. If you’ve purchased a pre-owned vehicle, then search the brand and model of your vehicle online to download a free copy of your motorcycle’s manual. There is also a recommended brake fluid for every motorcycle. Check what is recommended for your Honda CR80 through the manual.
  • Find the brake fluid bleed plug. You can find it at the lower portion of the motorcycle’s brake caliper. Utilize crescent wrench to slacken the plug. Keep the plug in a safe place.
  • Position the catch canister under the bleed hole. Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the mounting screws in the brake master cylinder of the motorcycle. You can find the screws at the right handlebar. Unscrew the cap of the master cylinder so the fluid will drain out to the catch canister.
  • Directly pour the new brake fluid into the brake master cylinder. Pump its lever several times so the fluid will be pressed through the lines. If the fluid that is pouring on your catch canister becomes clear, then its lines are full. Put back the bleed plug then remount the brake master cylinder cap.

    Wipe off any spillage on the motorcycle’s paint. The brake fluid might damage the paint if it’s not immediately cleaned. Also, watch your hands immediately if you’ve contacted brake fluid. Always use quality brake fluid because improper fluid might be unresponsive on the brake.

  • Tips in changing brake fluid. Check your motorcycle’s brake lines when you’re changing brake fluid. Inspect if the brake lines need replacement. Always bring an extra fluid with you especially when you travel far. Drive slowly when testing the break. Do it before you hit the road.

    If you are collecting motorcycles and you want to own a unit of every Honda CR series, then try to search online to find swaps and sales. Probably, there are others users who are selling Honda motorcycles in your locale or other areas. If you love Honda CR80, then do your best to get it. There might be sellers who aren’t collectors so you can buy that motorcycle cheaper. As possible, always buy a motorcycle that still has a warranty. Other famous Honda motorcycles include C100, C50, CT50, Elite E (SB50), Elsinore (MR50), Express (NC50), MB5, MB50, Metropolitan Jazz (CHF 50), Metropolitan II (CHF50P), MT5, MT50, NSR50R, Mini Trail (Z50A), Mini Trail (Z50M), Mini Trail (Z50R), and Moped (P50).

Take care of your Honda CR80 especially if you’re a collector. You can sell it for a high price to other collectors if it’s already rare. You can also use it to trade for other motorcycles or things that you want or need. Maintaining it well is always part of taking care of it. And replacing its brake fluid whenever necessary is a good maintenance procedure.


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