How To Replace Bricks in Walkways and Patios

Broken bricks on patios and walkways are nothing new. After some time, bricks could break due to the wear and tear of time or because of the harsh environmental elements that these bricks have to stand against.

Regardless of what caused the bricks to break, it is important to replace the bricks immediately as this may cause people to have accidents. They could trip and break their ankles when they walk on the broken bricks. You could hire someone to do it for you, which may cost a lot, or you could try replacing it by yourself.

If you are only replacing a few bricks or if your walkway or patio is just small, you can try replacing it by yourself. It is quite easy to do and you won’t have to spend a lot to fix it.

  • Remove the old bricks. The first thing you have to do is to remove all the bricks that you want to replace. If your bricks are not set using mortar then use a flat-head screwdriver to lift it up. Spray water on your exposed sand base then tamp it down with a tamping tool to even out the layer. If your bricks are set in place with mortar, use a chisel or a hammer to remove the mortar around the bricks.
  • Fix the layer on your walkway. After removing the old bricks that you want to replace, add an even layer of fine sand on the exposed sand base of your walkway. This is for walkways that do not use mortar on the bricks. Make sure that the new sand that you have placed rises a little from the bottom of your old bricks that are still in place and even it out until it is an even layer. For walkways that uses mortar, mix the mortar in a mortar box and put an even layer on the exposed sand base. If you don’t have a premixed mortar, use 1 part of cement for every 3 parts of sand. Keep adding water until you achieve a mud like consistency then pour an inch tall layer of mortar on your sand base. Level it out to make sure that your bricks will be leveled when you place it.
  • Place the new bricks. Once you are done fixing the layer of your bricks, carefully place one brick at a time. For walkways with no mortar, make sure the new brick is leveled with the other bricks. Remove some sand if it’s too high or add more sand if it’s too low. For walkways with mortar, gently push the brick in place until it is leveled with the other bricks. Let it dry completely to make sure the bricks are settled and secured in place.
  • Clean the area. Once you are done replacing all your bricks, you can scatter find sand over the area and sweep it to the side to fill the gaps with sand or you can use grout. This will secure the bricks in place making it more sturdy and protected. When the mortar has completely dried, spray the bricks with water to wash off any debris or dirt from your newly replaced walkway.

One thing you have to remember is when you are replacing your bricks, make sure you buy solid bricks for your walkway. Do not use bricks that have three holes in them as these are used building walls.


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