How To Replace CV Axles in a Toyota Tercel

The Toyota Tercel is a neat subcompact automobile that paved the way for several Toyota models based on layout and frame. It is the first front-wheel drive produced by the company. The wheels of cars like this have CV axles in front to move them properly. These are also called as drive shafts. When a CV axle or a CV joint is damaged, you will hear a cracking noise whenever you turn your car. CV joints usually last for many years but it can shorten when the joint has dried out or the grease gets contaminated. If this happens to your car, you need to immediately replace the CV axle to prevent further damage.

Replacing CV axles in your Tercel can be a challenging task.

  • To comfortably work on the Tercel, raise it on a car lift or on some jack stands. Make sure it’s securely placed on the lift before you work on it.
  • Since you are working the wheels, you need to remove them to gain access on the CV axle. Remove the hub cap of the wheel. Depending on your Tercel model, you may need to either unscrew, or pop it off, or remove the lug nuts before you can take the hub cap off. Use an impact gun with the proper socket to remove the lug nuts. You can take the wheel off after you have removed the hub cap.
  • Some Tercel models have a cotter pin. Remove this from the CV joint so you can take off the hub nut. Use your impact gun to remove the hub nut. Different models of Tercel have different sized hub nuts.
  • Next thing you have to remove is the lower ball joint nut. Then, disconnect the outer tie rod with a hammer without damaging it. Once you have done this, it is now time to disconnect the lower control arm from the ball joint. You can use a hammer to “pop” the ball joint out.
  • Now that the knuckle assembly is exposed, the next thing you need to do is to remove the splines from the knuckle. You can do this by swinging the assembly from the axle.
  • With the whole drive shaft exposed, you can remove it from the transmission by using a pry bar. Some models have bolts, so remove these first to replace the CV axle.
  • CV joints have grease for them to function properly. Have a container ready to catch any spillage.
  • To install the new axle, line it up with the transmission and push it in. The splines need to be aligned to hold the axle in place. You will hear a low clicking-sound when it’s seated properly. Strike it lightly with a hammer to put it in place. Reinstall the bolts, nuts, and the lower ball joint. Replace the cotter pins you have removed and reinstall the wheel and hubcap. Lower the Tercel and test drive.

Replacing the CV axles on your Tercel can be a daunting task for inexperienced owners. If you are finding it hard to follow the steps above, feel free to visit an auto repair shop.


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