How To Replace Dodge Ball Joints

The Dodge Brothers Company founded in 1900 was a supplier of auto parts in Detroit to different automobile companies. In 1914, the company started making vehicles with the brand name Dodge. The brand was then sold to Chrysler Corporation, which is now a part of Chrysler Group LLC. Dodge vehicles are now being manufactured all around the world. New models of trucks, vans and cars were developed throughout the years. Even if you have the latest model of Dodge, there will come a time that some parts need to be replaced like the ball joints. The ball joints are part of the vehicle’s suspension system. These are what connect the steering knuckle and control arm. These support the weight of the vehicle as well. These will wear out eventually and will need replacement. You will know when it’s time to replace these when you hear noise from the suspension and you see that wheels are becoming unaligned. To avoid any accident and your wheels from wearing fast, the joint balls need to be replaced. If you want to save money from hiring a mechanic, you can always do this yourself.

Here are the steps on how to replace your Dodge ball joints.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in replacing the ball joints. These are lug nut wrench, hammer, pickle fork, new ball joints, socket set, jack and wrenches.
  • Use car jack on the driver’s side. This will make it possible for you to remove the lug nut and wheel on the driver’s side. Use the lug nut wrench to remove these. Also, turn the steering wheel clockwise to be able to access the joint ball of your Dodge easily.
  • Pop the ball joint out. Once all nuts have been removed using your wrench, you will see a bigger nut, which can’t be removed by a wrench. Use a socket set to remove this. To make it easier to pop the ball joint out, its shank should be slide up on the control arm. This will go through its steering knuckle. After sliding the ball joint’s shank, get the pickle fork and put its tongs on the ball joint. Get your hammer and use this to hit the shank to pop the ball joint out.
  • Replace the ball joint. There are mounting bolts over the ball joint, which needs to be loosened to remove the ball joint that you need to replace. Use a wrench to loosen these. Once the mounting bolts are loosened, the control arm needs to be raised and you can easily remove the ball joint. After removing the ball joint, get the new ball joint and put this on its proper place. Tighten the bolt and put back the control arm. Put the wheel and lug nuts back too.

Now that you’re done changing the ball joint on the driver’s side, follow the same steps to replace the ball joint of your Dodge on the passenger’s side. It will be easier for you to do this since you are already familiar with the steps. Make sure to change the ball joints on both front wheels to make sure the wheels will be aligned. This will ensure that your vehicle will run properly.


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