How To Replace Fuses in a Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus has been around since 1986. Many car enthusiasts love the Ford Taurus for its fuel efficiency and user-friendly design. Since its launch, the Ford Taurus has always been a sentimental favorite so much so that even when Ford attempted to phase the model out, the attempt failed. Today, the Ford Taurus, already in its sixth generation continues to have a modest and loyal following. The latest model racked up sales of almost $46,000 in 2009.

If you are one such owner of the Ford Taurus and would want to know how to trouble shoot or replace certain parts like the fuses for example, find out right here. At more than one occasion, you will have to replace these fuses anyway so your Ford Taurus will run safer because the electricity passing through the car is regulated.

  • You need the following. Fuses, clean rags, dry hands, built-in fuse puller, and good lighting are what you need for this task. Remember that you will be handling electrical fuses so dry hands and good lighting (to help you see what you’re doing very clearly) are musts.
  • Turn off the car and allow the engine to cool down significantly. This is very important for your safety so take heed.
  • Locate the fuse box. Here’s what you need to know (if you still don’t know yet), the Ford Taurus has two fuse boxes. Refer to the car manual for this. Depending on which fuse box contains the busted fuses, you can find the first fuse box directly below the steering wheel and the other fuse box under the hood, by the engine’s right compartment.
  • Gently wipe the fuse box down. Your car’s fuse box is very sensitive to dust, dirt, and grime so make sure that when you open the fuse box, you have already removed a substantial amount of these before proceeding to the next step.
  • Locate the fuse panel. This is literally shaped like a panel where the fuses are lined up the way Christmas lights are packed in a box. After opening the fuse box, you won’t miss the fuse panel. Pull it off its position very gently.
  • Use the built-in fuse puller. The built-in fuse puller looks exactly like miniature tongs. You will see that hanging alongside the fuse panel. Take that to use on the busted fuses that need replacing.
  • Pull the busted fuses separately by the head. Do not place the tongs in the midsection of the fuse when pulling it, there’s a good chance that it will break in half and you’ll have debris to deal with. Instead place the tongs on the head of the fuse and remove each one, again using gentle pulling action.
  • Replace the busted fuses with new ones. You can discard the tongs at this point. All you need to do is slide the new fuses into place. Use a clean rag for one last wipe down and replace the fuse panel back into place.

Close the fuse box, restart the car, and observe if the fuse box is doing the job it’s supposed to. You should be able to feel a smooth transition from idle to acceleration, signal lights are working properly, and interior lights are on full glare.


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