How To Replace Lift Cords on Blinds

Blinds, window blinds or Venetian blinds are one form of window treatments that are not only decorative but also very functional. It allows you to control the amount of light that you permit to enter the room. The lift cord is one of the most frequently used parts of the window blind assembly and can fray or break due to friction with the slats as well as the pulleys. If you find that the lift cords on your window blinds are getting frayed or about to break, you can replace them yourself by following the steps below.

  • Check if the Venetian blind is still clean and in still in good shape overall that no other parts need to be replaced. If the condition of the blind is still good, you do not have to take down the blind to replace the lift cord.
  • Pull the blind all the way down and rotate the slats so that these are in the horizontal position. The ends of the lift cord are attached to the underside of bottom rail. If this is made of wood, the ends are stapled and you can just remove one of the staples first. If the bottom rail is made of metal, the ends of the loft cord will be knotted, then untie the knot. You can access these by removing the end caps and the clamps from the bottom rail. Begin on the left side of the blind.
  • Butt the end of the new cord with the end that you have untied or released from the staple. You can join the two ends with adhesive tape if the lift cord is made of cotton. You can also join the two ends using hot glue. If it is made from synthetic material, you can fuse the ends together by slightly melting them with a cigarette lighter and pressing them together once it has slightly cooled to be touched by your fingers.
  • Pull the old cord through the slots on the slats of the Venetian blind, over the two pulleys on each side of the blind, under the inner top pulley and over the outside top pulley. Leave a length excess replacement lift cord and pull the rest over the two bottom pulleys and down to the inner side of the inner pulley. The lift cord will thread down through the slots on the right side of the blind until it reached the bottom rail again. Continue to pull the cord until the butted ends of the old and replacement cords come out of the bottom rail.
  • Pull a good length of the replacement lift cord out so that you can staple or knot it on one side. Remove the old cord and cut off the excess new cord on the left side and either staple it or knot it to secure the lift cord. Replace the clamps and the end caps on a metal bottom rail.
  • Slide the excess loop you have made earlier into the equalizer clip. It looks like a small buckle where you can slip the end of the loop through the back and out of the top slot then slip the end through the second slot from the front and out the back. Adjust the lift cord with the equalizer clip by pulling on the left or right side of the loop until you can get the lift cord to work properly and pulling and stacking the slats evenly.

It is advisable that you buy extra lift cords and tapes when you buy a new set of window blinds because you will definitely use them to replace the worn ones. You can order replacement lift cords and tapes from the distributor by quoting the model number of the blinds.


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