How To Replace Mobile Home Ceiling Tiles

Mobile homes are prefabricated in factories and then delivered to a site where it may or may not permanently be placed. Most mobile homes can be found in rural areas and locations where there is widespread development. Although some mobile homes will not leave their original locations, the homes still have the fixtures to be moved, such as axles and trailer frames. The homes also have hitches for towing as well as wheels. Repairing a mobile home is quite difficult. First off is that it may not be possible to find that same materials that have been used in the mobile home you own. This is because the materials are usually retired and changed frequently to upgrade the look and attractiveness of the mobile home. So rather then scour the shops for similar materials, it will be better to replace them. Mobile homes are either fitted with sheetrock ceilings or with ceiling tiles which are more difficult to repair. Below are some tips on how you can replace damaged ceiling tiles.

  • Tiles for mobile home ceilings usually measure two feet by two feet or two feet by four feet so it will be easy to count the number of tiles that will have to be replaced. You have to include tiles for those odd-shaped corners and the end pieces that may not measure exactly the same as the regular ceiling tiles. Even if the shape is not square or rectangle, you should still count each tile as one.
  • Decide if you still want to use the same color and texture of ceiling tiles or you want to create a new look for the mobile home’s ceiling. Buy the right number of ceiling tiles that you need plus some extras for contingency.
  • Take careful measurement of those areas where the ceiling tiles will be cut in irregular shapes. Transfer the measurement on the tiles and cut precisely for a good fit and prevent the ceiling tiles from sagging, which can happen when the tiles so not fit snugly against each other.
  • Check out how the tiles are attached to the ceiling. Some ceilings have grid frameworks so you can just push the tiles upward and then hold them at an angle so that you can slide them out of the grid work. Some tiles are either nailed or glued to the ceiling beam so you have to determine how the tiles are mounted on the ceiling so you take them away efficiently.
  • If the ceiling was damaged by the rain leaking through the roof of the house and in turn caused the damage to the ceiling, remove the insulation and either dry this out first and put it back or replace the insulation too before installing the new ceiling tiles. Secure the tiles to the ceiling beams in the right manner, based on the material/s that had been used to create the ceiling tiles.

Modern ceiling tiles for mobile homes come in a variety of styles, colors and textures. If you are going to replace the ceiling tiles, take a moment to shop around then see what kind of tiles will look good on the ceiling to complement the rest of the mobile home interior as well as upgrade its look.


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