How To Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Honda Accord

A serpentine belt is a continuous belt used to operate several devices in your Honda Accord like the alternator, compressor, water pump, air pump, idler pulley, and belt tensioner. Using a serpentine belt is more efficient than making use of several thin belts because when subject to increased tension, it wouldn’t break as it stretches more. In addition to that, the higher the tension, the more it won’t slip thus it will boost belt life longer. It aids in your engine’s fuel and power efficiency too. You’ll have trouble free maintenance and replacement, as you would be able to change the belt without having to detach several other belts. Your Honda Accord’s serpentine belt also needs to be checked every 6 months to know if the belt needs to be replaced. If this is not maintained, you might lose all your vehicles tangential devices and might cause for breakage of several other parts. Here are a few tips on how to replace the serpentine belt in your Honda Accord.

  • Set up the tools needed. You would need to prepare a set of socket wrenches for this procedure and your replacement serpentine belt. Keep your Honda manual handy as well.
  • Remove the battery cable. Before you get down to work, you need to disconnect the battery cable while your car is securely parked in your garage in order to reduce the hazard of getting any electrical shocks during the replacement process.
  • Locate and remove the serpentine belt. Using your Honda manual, you can find the location of your serpentine belt. It can be hidden on the side of the engine covered with plastic. Take out the plastic covering. You will then see the auto tensioner and the center bolt. Use your socket wrench to loosen the bolt and the belt. Once the belt is removed, you can now inspect its state. If you see dirt or rust on the pulleys’ exterior, make sure to clean it before installing the new belt.
  • Install the new belt. Fit the new belt by sliding it in beginning from the pulley up to the auto tensioner. You will need to constantly check the routing illustration to make sure it is situated correctly. Once this is done, put the battery back in. You can now start your engine and let it run to make sure the belt is rotating correctly.

That’s it!  Be sure to constantly check your serpentine belt for proper maintenance. It is not safe to be driving your Honda accord with a used up belt as it may cause serious damage to your engine. Just don’t wear the belt too much to keep it from snapping. When selecting your new serpentine belt, check your Honda manual or check with your local dealer. They can rightly assist you with the belt and select tools appropriate for your car. Ensure that the new belt’s size and shape fits your engine well. This will save you precious time and money while giving your car the best care it can get.


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