How To Replace the Shocks and Struts in a Chrysler Town & Country

In any vehicle, the shocks and struts are one of the most important parts of the car suspension. Their main purpose is to prevent your car from bouncing on small or big bumps or road cracks. Without these two, a ride in your car would definitely be bouncy and bumpy, making long drives very unpleasant.

Other than the unpleasant and uncomfortable driving experience, it will be more difficult for you to control your car which is very unsafe. It could also lead to your car’s premature failure and can ruin your tires faster.

If your Chrysler Town&Country starts bouncing sideways on a winding road, your rear end starts to squat when you accelerate or your front end dives when you hit the brakes, then it may be time to get your shocks and struts changed.

You can try bringing it to a repair shop where you will be greeted with such whooping prices or you can try changing your shocks and struts by yourself. The latter option is definitely cheaper and you’ll only need to follow this simple guide to get the job done.

  • Changing the rear shocks
    • Lift up the rear of your car. Use the floor jack to lift up the rear of your Chrysler Town&Country and use the jack stand to support the rear axle.
    • Unbolt the mounting bolts. You have to unfasten the upper and lower mounting bolts of your shock absorber. After doing so, you can now pull out the shock carefully.
    • Install your new shock. To install your new shock, bolt it in with the upper and lower mounting bolt that you removed earlier. Once you have placed it back in, you can now lower back your Chrysler Town & Country and remove the floor jack.
  • Changing the Front Struts
    • Use a floor jack to lift your Chrysler Town & Country. Place your floor jack under your car and set the jack stands under your car’s frame. Remove your front tires then outline bracket on the brake hose and wheel speed censor. Use a wrench to unbolt them and set them aside for a while.
    • Disconnect your car’s stabilizer bar link and steering knuckle bracket. It is best to use a ratchet for disconnecting these as it would be easier to loosen the upper strut nuts. When the nuts are loose, carefully pull out the whole strut assembly.
    • Change the struts and bolt it back in. After you have changed the struts, bolt the strut assembly back into the car. Torque the upper strut nuts then reattach your steering knuckle bracket.
    • Replace everything back. Once you have bolted the struts in, put back the stabilizer bar link and bolt it into the same place where you first found it. Do the same for the brake hose, wheel speed censor and front wheels then dismount the car from the floor jack. Bring your car to a tire store and let them align the front end for you. The machine is quite expensive that is why it would be best to bring it to a tire shop and let them do it for you.

Getting your Chrysler Town&Country’s shock and strut changed whenever you feel that there is something wrong with it will always be a good idea. Remember that there is no price that is too high to ensure the safety of you and your family while you are on the road.


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