How To Replace the Springs in a Ford Focus

In the year 2000, Ford came out with a compact car they named Ford Focus. Just like any other car, the Ford Focus has parts that can be replaced without the need to take it to the mechanic or auto repair shop. One such item that you can replace if you have the skills is the coil springs.

The coil spring is part of a car’s suspensions system. Coil springs support the weight of any car. These also determine how high your car is. With a well functioning set of coil springs, your car handles better while driving. There is better movement and control plus a smoother ride on the road.

If you want to know what it takes to remove and replace the coil springs in your Ford Focus, continue reading.

  • Buy your coil springs. Consult your Ford Focus owner’s manual to find out what type of coil springs you should buy. Purchase the coil springs from a reputable automotive parts store or order it online.
  • Prepare your Ford Focus. With a car jack, raise the Ford Focus. The car should rest on safety stands. Look for the four coil springs. Make sure you know how they are positioned.
  • Detach the battery cables. Remove the negative battery cable. You need to do this if the front springs require replacing.
  • Attach the coil springs to the soil spring compressor. With the use of adapters, put together the spring compressor and the coil springs. Be careful when handling the coil springs. It can prove dangerous if mishandled. The coil springs should be compressed securely and evenly before you can remove it from your Ford Focus.
  • Take out the coil spring. Carefully remove the coil spring from the spring compressor. Slowly decompress the coil spring that is in the spring compressor. Be careful. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you may need to call in a mechanic.
  • Join together the spring compressor and the new coil spring. Attach the new coil spring to the spring compressor slowly and carefully.
  • Install the new coil spring. While the coil spring is still attached to the spring compressor, install it the same place where you removed the old coil spring. The orientation should be the same as the previous coil spring’s orientation. Carefully decompress the new coil spring. As you decompress, continually check if the orientation of the new coil spring is correct.
  • Replace the three other coil springs. Repeat the same steps in replacing the three other coil springs found in the Ford Focus.
  • Finish up. Make sure all the parts you checked and replaced are in their proper places. Check the floor and move any items that should not be under your Ford Focus when you bring it down. Lower your Ford Focus to the floor. Reconnect the negative battery cable that you disconnected at the start. Test the ride to see the improvement.

Coil springs don’t last forever. A car is like the human body. It is subject to wear and tear. Your Ford Focus’ metal parts will eventually need replacing. One day, the suspension components will no longer be able to handle the weight of the car in such a way that it can still give you a smooth ride and excellent handling. By replacing the worn coil springs in your Ford Focus, you can restore its’ original ride quality and give you excellent handling once again.


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