How To Replace the Water Pump in a Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis is a popular Ford model that has been in existence since 1975. Through the years, this sleek car has undergone a number of generations and appearances. Its sturdy construction doesn’t require constant changes and replacements, but we all know that replacing components are integral parts of a vehicle’s life. If you want to know how to replace the water pump in a Mercury Grand Marquis, here are the things you need to do.

  • Locate the water pump. Find the vehicle’s water pump at the front side of the vehicle. It’s connected to a hose that goes somewhere between the engine and radiator. The location of the water pump is important since it allows the coolant to go around the system to the engine, keeping the temperature of the internal vehicle components cool. It also has a pulley that allows you to safely remove the pump.
  • Work under the car. Look for a comfortable place to work in. It should contain ample space free from wandering kids and pets, and ample lighting since you’re going to do the work underneath. Remove the negative cable from the battery. Get underneath the vehicle, at the part where the radiator is located. Look for the drain plug of the radiator. Remove the plugs by using a socket wrench.
  • Gather the coolant. Once the drain plugs are disconnected, get a piece of sealable container and allow the coolant to drain to the container. Use eye goggles before draining the coolant as it may cause eye irritation. After draining, make sure that you cover the container, and don’t let any puddle form on the ground. Pets like dogs and cats are easily attracted to the coolant, and can cause their deaths if enough quantity is ingested. Another reason for using a sealable container is because you can easily recycle it to be used after the water pump is replaced, unless the coolant is too old or has been contaminated.
  • Locate the water pump. To allow you to work freely, take off the tensioner belt as well as the drive belt. The water pump container is found under the engine, in a conical-shaped and silver container. Use a screwdriver to loosen up the clamp that holds the hose against the pump, and a socket wrench to take out the mounting bolts of the housing. You’ll also need to remove four additional bolts that hold the water pump to the engine. To get the housing off, just slide it with the water pump under the engine.
  • Prep the new water pump. Clean the surface of the water pump you plan to install as well as the engine block. Get an O-ring and lubricate it with unused coolant or antifreeze. Add it to your water pump.
  • Put the new water pump in place. Slide the new water pump into the position of the original water pump. Replace the water pump bolts. Replace the bolts of the housing. Don’t tighten the bolts too much else the housing or the water pump may get cracked and cause leaks. Afterwards, put back the water pump hose, drive belt, and tensioner belt in place. Reconnect the battery connection as well.
  • Add coolant. Once done, make a mixture of water and coolant with a 50-50 ratio. Take off the radiator cap and fill it with this mixture until full.
  • Test the installation. Turn on the engine and allow the components to get to their normal car temperatures. Continue filling the radiator as needed, and don’t forget to occasionally check under the car for any visible leaks.

Replacing the Mercury Grand Marquis water pump is fairly easy. However, don’t forget the health and safety precautions required prior to replacing the water pump. If you don’t have the confidence and knowledge of the necessary components, try asking a friend for help in identifying each.


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