How To Replace Valve Cover Gasket in an Acura Integra

A valve cover gasket plays an important role in your car’s running condition. It seals the oil and air pressure from leaking out while the car’s engine is running. It contributes to the overall performance of your vehicle. Everyday use of your vehicle deteriorates the valve cover gasket. You have to replace it once the gasket breaks. If the gasket is broken, the oil will eventually leak from the valve. One thing to determine if you have to replace your vehicle’s valve cover gasket is that it leaks oil from the engine block and the oil is burned that gives off a foul odor that you can smell inside your car. The odor comes in through the vents in the car. If your Acura Integra’s valve cover gasket needs to be replaced, this article will show you how. Read on.

  • Prep the tools and materials that you will be needing. This includes a new valve cover gasket (you can buy it in any auto parts store), an engine cleaner, cloth and a wrench with the right size (consult your car’s owner’s manual on the right size that should be used).
  • Remove wires. Prior to this, you have to unplug the battery cable. There are wires that run through the system. Disconnect all wires that are connected. Take note of where they go so you can replace them back later on. To be really sure of the connection of each wire, you can label them according to where they should be connected. This will prevent you from being confused on which one goes where.
  • Remove the old valve cover gasket. Open the valve cover and take out the old gasket. Before you replace it with the new one, you have to clean the area first. Dip the cloth into the engine cleaner and wipe the gasket’s area to remove any dirt and debris.
  • Put in the new valve cover gasket. Once you have cleaned the gasket’s area, you can now put the new one. Put the valve cover back and tighten the bolts that hold it in place.
  • Reconnect the wires. The wires that you removed a while ago should be connected back to the valve system. Make sure that you connect each wire to its right place. The battery cable should also be reconnected or else the car will not run.

Replacing the valve cover gasket should be a breeze. But it can get messy, so you have to be prepared. Get on your work clothes and get ready to get to work. Prior to doing the job, make sure that your vehicle is not hot. If you used it prior to this, cool it down first before you start. You will get burned if you work with a hot car engine. In handling automotive parts, you have to be very careful, not only for your own safety but for maintenance vehicle’s good running condition as well. Take note of everything that you remove or disconnect so that you can put the parts back successfully.


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