How To Replace Vinyl Floor Tiles Like a Pro

Are your vinyl floor tiles ready for replacing? Replace them like a pro! You don’t need to hire some else to do the job that you can do by yourself. Depending on the number of vinyl floor tiles that need replacing you can finish the job in no time.

Here are the instructions for replacing your vinyl floor tiles like a pro.

  • Gather your materials. First thing you need is replacement vinyl floor tiles. The number you buy will depend on how many of the old tiles need replacing. You should buy new vinyl floor tiles with the same color as the ones that are installed. The other materials you will need aside from the replacement vinyl floor tiles are:
    • Clothes iron
    • Putty or utility knife
    • Sandpaper
    • Vinyl floor tile adhesive
    • Spreader
    • Heavy objects like books or bricks
  • Warm the old vinyl floor tile. You can use a regular clothes iron to warm the surface of the vinyl floor tile for replacement. Run the clothes iron over the said tile. Warming the tile will help loosen the adhesive that was used to glue the vinyl floor tile to the floor.
  • Remove the old vinyl floor tile. Use your putty knife, utility knife or any other sharp tool to pry out the tile. Start working from the outside going in. In case the vinyl floor tile is cracked, begin at the spot where you have the crack and work your way outwards.
  • Take out the old adhesive. Once more, use your putty knife or whatever sharp implement you used earlier. Since you warmed the old adhesive, it should be easier to scrape off the adhesive. Remove as much of the old adhesive as you can. You want to end up with a floor surface that is clean and very smooth. This will ensure that the new adhesive will adhere to the surface of the floor properly.
  • Measure the new vinyl floor tile. Usually, vinyl floor tiles come in standard sizes. However, it is best to double check if the one you purchased fits well in the space of the old vinyl floor tile. Put the new one on top of the space previously occupied by the tile you removed. Cut the new vinyl floor tile to the right size in case it is too big. You can also use sandpaper to remove a small part of the vinyl floor tile.
  • Place the adhesive onto the floor. With a spreader, spread some vinyl floor tile adhesive in the empty square space on the floor. If you want to make sure that no adhesive gets to the surrounding vinyl floor tiles tape old newspapers on surrounding vinyl floor tiles.
  • Attach the new vinyl floor tile. Slowly lower the new vinyl floor tile onto the space with adhesive. Position the new vinyl floor tile properly into the square space.
  • Dry the adhesive. Get a few heavy objects such as bricks or books. Use these to weigh down on the newly installed vinyl floor tile. To find out how long the heavy objects should stay on top of the new tile, read the instructions that came with the vinyl floor tile adhesive. Different brands may require different drying or setting times.

Replacing vinyl floor tiles is actually a fun and easy do-it-yourself project. Don’t wait until you floor looks unappealing because of damaged or cracked vinyl floor tiles. Replace the vinyl floor tiles that need replacing as soon as possible.


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