How To Replace Your RV Thermostat

If you have an RV, you might need to have the thermostat replaced because of reasons such as your water is consistently too hot, if the thermostat is too old and inefficient, or you just want to increase energy efficiency. Whatever your reason, do know that replacing thermostat for your RV need not be too much of a complicated task. Here are the steps to follow for replacing your RV thermostat:

  • Purchase an RV thermostat kit. It’s best that you buy an adjustable (not fixed) thermostat kit, which will enable you to easily adjust the water temperature in your RV in the future. Make sure also that you buy one that is compatible with the make and model of your RV.
  • Open up the panel where the RV’s thermostat is located. Chances are, it will be located outside of the vehicle, in a box-like panel where the other important wirings of the RV is. In some cases, this panel could be inside the RV, right where the water heater is located. Check your RV manual to find out where the thermostat is located.
  • Turn off the RV battery.
  • Look for the portion in the panel where the thermostat is; it’s usually labeled, “T-stat.” Take out all the wires connected to this T-stat, and you should also cut through the foam material (if there is one) that is hiding the thermostat from view. Before you do take out the wires, it might be a good idea, especially if you’re not very familiar with installing wires, to take a digital picture of the entire wiring system. Later on, you could refer to picture to guide you in rewiring the new thermostat. Once you’ve done this, remove the foaming material that hides away the thermostat; the point is, you should finally be able to see the RV thermostat, which is a small, circular figure (somewhat similar to a coin, but much thicker).
  • Take out the old thermostat. To do this, you will need to loosen the ring by prying at the slot with a screwdriver. You will also be able to take away the spring that is located right behind the thermostat.
  • Put in the new thermostat. Insert the new thermostat in the slot, which the old one used to occupy. Make sure that the new thermostat has a spring behind it as well. You should also secure the new thermostat right to the back of the slot; otherwise there is a risk of it overheating.
  • Rewire the new thermostat. As mentioned, refer to the picture you took a while ago to guide you on how to replace the wires to the new thermostat. You should also take a look at the wiring instructions included in the manual of your new thermostat. Make sure that you follow instructions to the letter; otherwise there is a danger that system could short circuit.
  • Close the wire box, and test the new thermostat.

There you have it! These are the important steps to remember in order to properly replace your RV thermostat. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to do; what’s most important is that you have the proper replacement RV thermostat and that you will be able to carefully study the old wiring so that you could easily rewire the new thermostat. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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