How To Report Illegal Collection Practices

It is your responsibility to pay your bills such as electric, gas and etc. It is normal that a collecting agency will act about your overdue bill. Sometimes illegal actions take place to force you to pay your unpaid overdue bills. They have the right to charge you on your debt, but you also have rights against their illegal means. A debtor has a right to be protected. Any violation of rights has a corresponding punishment. These are the steps you need to do to report any illegal collection practices.

  • Keep a record of incident. Record the date, time and place where it occurred. Also record the name of the agency and the people involved. Write the whole incident including the full details. Any foul languages used and even threats that they have said can be used against them. All information you have will be used as a reference and can be used against them if ever you need to go to court.
  • Report to the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission of the United States keeps track of records of complaints on different agencies. They have large records of different agencies in the US. Their purpose is to maintain good relationship and fair methods of competition in commerce. The Federal Trade Commission has the right to investigate organization, business, conduct, practices, and management of any person, partnership, or corporation engaged in or whose business affects commerce. They also have the right to prosecute once they have proven that they violate the law. Once the Federal Trade Commission receives your complaint, it will look for similar records of complaint on the said agency. Once they discover that illegal ways are always going to their agencies they will start to investigate and do legal actions. Today, many complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission are found to be not reliable. Be sure that all of your information or complaints are reliable.
  • Report to the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau serves as mediator between the collecting agency and the consumer. Their mission is to maintain trust between business and people. They set some standard on how businesses treat people. They call it standard of trust. The Better Business Bureau collects information, reports and complaints from the consumers about the collecting agencies. It will contact the collecting agency and tell them all feedback of consumers to them. Better Business Bureau also provide list of agencies that should be avoided by people.
  • Ask for help from the police. Going to the right authority is the best way to do. They have knowledge on legal matters. They will help you on how to solve problems in legal ways. You can ask for help from the police about the incident. It is also important when there are threats against you, they will keep a record of the event. Always give full details about their illegal actions.

Always provide liable information. The only purpose of this action is to protect the rights of a debtor. You should also do your responsibilities and also do not be abusive.


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