How To Reprogram a Comcast Remote

Comcast is a digital cable company that provides its subscribers with a universal remote control that you can use on virtually any brand of television and other entertainment appliances. Universal remote controls have been a great technological invention. In this day and age where almost all gadgets and appliances are equipped with a remote control, you get confused on which one to use on what. Having a universal remote control will lessen the hassle and confusion of having several ones. You can use a single remote control for the television, DVD player, VCR and other entertainment gadgets. In using a universal remote control, you have to program it according to the appliance’s brand. Comcast provides a list of codes that you can refer to when programming the remote control. This article will show you how to program your Comcast remote control.

  • Find the corresponding codes. If you are programming your Comcast remote control for your television, look in the list of brands and their corresponding codes. Find your TV’s brand and take note of the codes. Some brands have one or two codes, so if the first code does not work you can use the second one.
  • Turn the TV on. You cannot do this job if your television is not turned on.
  • Press and release. On the topmost part of the remote control, depress the TV key and release it. Press the Setup key and hold it until the TV key flashes twice. Once the TV key has flashed its light twice, release the Setup key. Remember: do not release the Setup key until the light on the TV key has flashed.
  • Key in the code. Key in the four-digit code in the number pad of the remote control. You will know that you have programmed the remote control successfully if the TV key flashes twice again.
  • Test the remote control. Since your television is turned on, press the power key of the remote. If the TV turns off, then you are successful in programming the remote. If it does not turn off, then it means that you have to repeat the process and use the other code in the list. If there is only one code, you have to repeat keying in the same code until you have programmed the remote.

See how easy it is to use Comcast’s remote control. If you will use another appliance, all you have to do is to get the list and consult it for the brand of appliance that you will be using and you only have to key in the codes to be able to utilize the remote control. Thanks to technology, we no longer need a separate remote control for each appliance that we have at home. Make sure not to lose the list of codes and brands included in the remote control for future use. If you no longer have it with you, you can also open Comcast’s website. They also show the list online with the brands and their corresponding codes.


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